Vintage Givenchy Bridal Jewelry Set 50% Off

Now on Chic Necklace and Earrings From Designer Costume Jeweler Givenchy

Take a moment to admire this elegant bride and the signature Givenchy clasp dangling down her bare back. <!–more–>  Sigh over the loveliness of it all. Then marvel at the modern miracle that is, where you can buy this white gold-plated vintage Givenchy jewelry set directly from this bride, for the obscenely reasonable price of just $100.

Givenchy Designer Vintage Costume Jewelry Set

Givenchy Designer Vintage Costume Jewelry Set

For vintage costume jewelry hounds (ahem…I admit nothing), this set is a great find. It’s in excellent condition, appears to have all rhinestones/crystals in place, and bears the Givenchy signature logo clasp. Some people (*cough*) have just walked into quirky little jewelry shops and spent upwards of $450 for designer costume jewelry sets just like these. Those people are silly. (Who you lookin’ at?)

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