Victoria’s Secret Model Lyndsey Scott’s Secret is Out with New App

In last week’s New Year’s Wrap-Up, we showed you why Victoria’s Secret Model Lyndsey Scott is a real-life superhero. Well, it doesn’t stop there. The self-proclaimed nerd’s “secret life” as a computer programmer is out in a big way.

Lyndsey-ScottShe’s putting her impressive tech skills to work by developing apps. Her secret passion is public now that she has two of them available on iTunes. Scott’s latest app, iPort, serves as a portable portfolio for models and artists to upload and bring with them to appointments and meetings. It allows models to go paperless with an otherwise frustrating collection of hard copies to manage and share while on the go. She created it for a simple reason – she just needed one. Kind of a no brainer, right?

iPort is the seventh app on her list, right after the charity app, Educate! that assists and empowers youth in Africa to become leaders. It also allows you to make donations to the organization.

unnamedWant to learn more about Scott’s evolution from nerd-to-model-to-success-story? Read her post on Quora on going from “physically unattractive to physically attractive.” We’re hooked!

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