Vegas Week Finale: The Thunder From Down Under

The world’s most popular male revue romances my mom & donates a very special gift to us!


After a few days in Vegas relaxing at the Paris hotel, checking out a hilarious dirty hypnotist, and seeing the most incredible singing show on Earth, Mom and I were having a blast! It turns out that researching bachelorette destinations in the city of sin is a pretty good gig. And thanks to our amazingly generous friends (M, A & B, how can I thank you enough?!), we’d been gifted tickets to see the world-famous all-male revue, Australia’s Thunder From Down Under, for our final night in town.


The super-sexy Thunder blokes have become wildly popular with ladies everywhere, appearing on The Ellen Show, The Tyra Banks Show, and tons of other media and television shows. When mom and I arrived at the box office to pick up our tickets, the lobby was full to capacity with groups of women in tiaras and feather boas, carrying phallic lollipops and wearing penis necklaces. It was bachelorette heaven! The show’s audience was probably 90%  bachelorette parties, with a few divorce (!) celebrations and longtime Thunder fans sprinkled among them. It was strange and funny and exciting, and the atmosphere was so festive and happy that we couldn’t help feeling giddy about the show.


But when mom and I were seated directly in the middle in front of the stage, our anticipation started to mix with apprehension. Neither of us had ever seen a male strip show in our lives. Were we supposed to put dollars in their g-strings? Touch their oily buff chests? Eeeek! I headed to the bar and ordered us each a double gin and tonic, figuring that would help no matter where the night took us.

And then…the lights dimmed. The music started. The room erupted in a chorus of squeals and screams. And six of the most gorgeous-looking male creatures I’ve ever seen emerged, running through an impressively athletic, high-energy opening dance act. It was wildly fun, and as the guys jumped on the tables and ran through the crowd, hugging and greeting the audience, mom and I started to relax. It wasn’t weird or sleazy…it was a freakin’ blast!!!! The guys (or “the blokes”) are incredible dancers. Even if they didn’t take their clothes off, the performances would be really compelling and entertaining. (But way less fun, of course!)

What really makes the show really special is that the blokes aren’t just talented, they’re incredibly charming and have a great attitude and sense of humor. They’ll pour buckets of water over their hot muscled torsos, gyrate suggestively, and then laugh, as if to say “Wasn’t that funny?” or “Can you believe I’m getting paid for this!?” They don’t take themselves too seriously, and they know that we women don’t really want to objectify them (well, maybe just a little…). So the blokes own the joke, and they invite the whole audience to be a part of it, and together everybody has a good laugh, gets comfortable, and truly enjoys the stellar entertainment. It’s a feel-good, sexy, totally fun experience that you don’t have to be embarrassed to share with your mom.

Unless…your mom happens to be invited on stage to be the subject of the show’s grand finale!!!!!!!

Okay, so the video above is *not* my mom. It’s a bootleg that I grabbed from YouTube because taping is strictly forbidden at Thunder’s shows. But that video will give you a very tiny and relatively tame peek at what happened when the show’s host, Marcus, grabbed my mom and made her the subject of his raunchy, wild, off-the-hook sexy final act. There are no words to describe what it was like to watch my mom — who’s been happily married to my dad for nearly 40 years — getting down with a hot Australian in front of a screaming audience of hundreds of women. I can’t be specific about what happened up there, because there are things that happen in Vegas that are just meant to stay in Vegas.  But let’s just say that there was groping, potentially tongue involved, and that by the end my mom’s glasses and her inhibitions had both been lost somewhere on the stage!! Thank you Marcus!!


After the show, mom was still a star!! She was getting high-fives and hugs from all the women in the audience as they exited, and I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that every single one of them wished they’d been in her shoes. Which got me thinking…how could we give Recycled Bride’s members a chance to see this amazing show, and have a shot at being romanced onstage by one of the super-sexy Thunder guys??

Luckily, our incredible friends at SPI Entertainment were eager to help. So they donated 6 tickets to the Vegas show, 6 calendars, and various other goodies for us to auction off  for charity!!! It’s The Ultimate VIP Bachelorette Party with the blokes from Australia’s Thunder From Down Under, and you can bid to win it right now!! All of the proceeds from this auction will go to Global Green USA, a great environmental organization that Recycled Bride has supported since we started.


Below is the package that you’ll receive if you outbid the competition to win the auction. It’s worth over $400, and you’ll get special VIP treatment from the Thunder office staff, who will personally book your tickets and arrange for your party to have great seats at the show. Imagine treating your girlfriends to the ultimate bachelorette party, all for a good cause!


Big hugs to my amazing mom for being such a great sport and helping me on this very serious investigative reporting trip to Vegas. And to my dad for putting up with our silly antics! I love you both. And thanks to our friends at SPI for making a very special weekend possible!

Bid to win your Thunder tickets now >>

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  1. We’ve got image and video comments! This is a cake, and has nothing to do with the above post :)


  2. Thanks for a great blog post. I have seen the show and thought it was great. PS — Your mom is super cute :)

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