Vegan Wedding Catering by Real Food Daily

When vegetarian Chelsea Clinton got married, there’s was much ado made about her choice to serve meat at her wedding. Chelsea’s not the only veggie devotee who’s opted to feed hungry guests the animal-based foods they’re accustomed to. Most brides and grooms want to please their guests with great food, and it’s not always easy  to find a vegan caterer to prepare a sophisticated and satisfying meal. Unless you’re lucky enough to live here in Southern California, where the beloved organic kosher vegan restaurant Real Food Daily is now offering full-service catering for weddings and events. Yippee!! <!–more–>


Real Food Daily will bring organic vegan deliciousness to your wedding day. Cute server not included.

One of the most important elements of a green wedding is the food, and the factory farming of meat and processing of animal-based foods are damaging to the environment. When you choose to serve all-vegan food at your wedding, you’re reducing your carbon footprint tremendously, having the least possible impact on the environment. The folks at Real Food Daily understand your commitment to the environment, and so they source all of their ingredients from organic farms, use bio-compostable containers and recycled products, and participate in a program that recycles cooking oil to create bio-fuel.

For the cocktail hour:
Nori Maki vegetable sushi rolls with ginger tamari dipping sauce, fresh wasabi, and pickled ginger
Wabi Sabi rolls with julienned veggies, rice noodles, cilantro and mint, wrapped in rice paper with wasabi dipping sauce
Lentil Walnut Pate topped with tofu sour cream on sesame rice crackers
Salad: Choice of
Ceasar salad with romaine hearts, capers and wheat-free blue corn croutons
Farm Chop salad with a potpourri of seasonal chopped vegetables, avocado and seasonal field greens with choice of lime cilantro dressing or ranch dressing.
Whole wheat penne pasta with roasted seasonal vegetables in an alfredo or herb tomato sauce with garlicky kale
Salisbury seitan with mashed potatoes and golden gravy
Enchiladas with Salsa roja, savory tempeh, spanish rice and black beans, accompanied by pico de gall, tofu sour cream and guacamole.
German chocolate wedding cake with coconut-pecan filling and vanilla frosting.
Groom’s cake – Tofu cheesecake with seasonal fresh berries
LATE NIGHT: Not-chos! Tortilla chips topped with black beans, pico de gallo, guacamole, tofu sour cream and shredded cashew cheese, with extra guacamole and chips
Seitan Fingers – breaded and fried wheat meat strips with ranch dressing or barbecue sauce

Seitan steak, mashed potatoes, golden gravy, and fresh green beans – yum!

But that’s just the icing on the vegan wedding cake. The best part about RFD is the FOOD! Their healthy green fare is so delicious that your guests won’t miss meat for a moment. It’s always exciting to serve a room full of meat eaters a truly top-notch vegan meal, because it opens them up to eating more plant-based foods. And a wedding is the perfect opportunity to introduce and indulge guests with gourmet vegan fare. Remember when I had a chat with Alicia Silverstone about her vegan wedding? Alicia served up an entire menu of local, seasonal, plant-based foods, and said that even her most devotedly carnivorous guests were raving about how delicious it was. (Alicia also happens to be a fan of Real Food Daily!)


RFD will even stock your bar with delicious all-natural beverages

To test my theory that Real Food Daily can satisfy even the hungriest meat-eater, I brought my burger-loving buddy Alison along for a tasting at the Santa Monica restaurant a few weeks ago. We got to sample tons of delicious foods from the catering menu (yes, I have a cool job!) and Alison said it was one of the most delicious meals she’d ever had. Period. It wasn’t just, “this is good for vegan food” good. It was “holy wowza this is the best enchilada I’ve ever eaten!” good. After our amazing tasting, I threw together this sample menu of what I would serve if RFD were catering my own wedding:


Real Food Daily can even make you a beautiful wedding cake like the one below, in flavors like gluten-free chocolate, carrot walnut, German chocolate raspberry, and more. And the best part? Healthy, earth-conscious food won’t cost you an arm and a leg! RFD’s prices are comparable to, and in many cases less expensive than a conventional caterer. Learn all about vegan catering in Los Angeles from Real Food Daily, or call their fantastic catering manager Elisha for details and special requests at 310.663.7351.


A vegan wedding cake that looks and tastes as good (or better!) than a conventional cake? It’s true!

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  1. Its healthy and good for the environment to be a vegan though it may take a little time to get used to it. But begin totally vegan even for your wedding is something great. It is surprising that vegan cakes can be as delicious as they look on these photos here. Visit

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