Tradesy’s Closet Psychologist Meets Marie Claire Magazine!


Tradesy CEO Tracy DiNunzio is the Closet Whisperer!

Tradesy CEO Tracy DiNunzio is the Closet Whisperer!

Whether you keep tons of unworn items in your closet or fill it with pants and basics, the kinds of clothes you store can say a lot about your personality. Tradesy founder Tracy DiNunzio spoke to Marie Claire last month to talk about what your closet says about you, and how you can build off this information to increase your future success.

Here’s what Tracy had to say:

  • If your closet is filled with brand labels, you may care a lot about the way the world sees you and may even be avoiding forming your own, true identity. 
  • If your closet consists of lots of unworn clothes with their tags off, you may have trouble letting go of your past. This can be tied to a specific time in your life (like holding on to a pre-baby wardrobe to reminisce) or you might just have trouble letting go of things in your life generally.
  • If your closet has mostly unworn clothes with their tags on, this usually means you’re buying clothes for a desired future, but not doing anything constructive to make it happen. This is an easy fix- just start wearing these clothes and you’ll give yourself the push to reach your ideal.
  • If your closet lacks color, you may prefer to go unnoticed. This could be due to low self-esteem or just a introverted personality type.
  • If you only have pants in your closet, you may be trying to tone down your sexuality to fit in at work or within your social circle.
  • If you have different versions of the same thing in your closet, you may be scared of change, both in your wardrobe and in your life. You often have a desire to change things, but this is either going unfulfilled or you’re too scared to take the plunge.
  • Tracy’s tips: have someone else clean out your closet for you, take the things you don’t wear and sell or donate them and then figure out the woman you want to be and start dressing like her.

Check out the full article to get even more helpful tips for cleaning out your closet to better improve your potential and get to where you want to be.

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