Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

This dress is made of nothing but TP, tape and glue. No joke.

Ann Kagawa Lee is taking crafting to a whole new level. She made this entire intricate wedding gown out of toilet paper. Ditto for the hat. <!–more–>


The dress was made for a competition run by Cheap Chic Weddings. The original terms of the contest are no longer on the site, so it’s hard to tell what the entrants were awarded for. Creativity? Best use of TP? Most absorbent gown?


Whatever it was, Ann sure did a heckuva job with the dress. When I first saw these pics, I thought, “Hey, there’s a cute Southern gal in a pretty dress”. I definitely did not think, “That woman is wearing toilet paper.”  Pretty impressive that you can’t tell the dress is made of…um…unconventional materials, don’t you think?

Ann won $1,000 for taking first place in the competition.

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  1. wow – that’s pretty impressive but you can tell she’s a bit uncomfortable just in case she suddenly breaks it or something.

    Imagine if someone stepped on your train – the whole thing would literally rip off your body!

    tee hee!


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