5 Designer Bags You Can’t Ignore!

Regardless of how many bags are instant successes each season, there are only a few truly unforgettable designs that are able to be released again and again, getting better over time. It may only be 2014, but we already know which timeless bags are on their way to staple status:

1. Stella McCartney Falabella

stella mccartneyImmediately following a stint as creative director at Chloe, Stella McCartney launched her namesake line in the fall of 2001, generating instant buzz and cultivating a still-loyal fan base. Known for her simple, elegant silhouettes and smooth textiles, McCartney caters to the luxe minimalist. But despite the dreamy clothing, the designer had yet to produce an It Bag until the Falabella. Hitting the scene in 2011, it’s still released every year in limited edition prints and fabrics. Adorned with impossible-to-miss ruthenium (an ultra shiny type of platinum) or gold hardware—and offered in four different sizes—this bag is here to stay. Nothing says understated elegance quite like the Falabella with the hidden logo, pristine construction and high brow aesthetic.

2. Celine Luggage Tote
celine luggage
Phoebe Philo, Creative Director at Celine, is an accessories genius. Not only has she put the LVMH-owned label back on the scene with the release of this prototypical yet ethereal silhouette, she was also the mastermind behind the Paddington and Silverado bags during her time at the Chloe. If you’re going to drop thousands of dollars on the merit of a single person’s creative talents—look no further. This bag is released in a myriad of colors and materials each season—reiterating its “here-to-stay” status. Look closely at any designer bag produced in the last two years; more likely than not, you’ll spot a Celine Luggage influence (like a reissue in a nano size, a tricolor makeover, or a stamped minimal logo— they’re prevalent). Influence aside, what’s better than the original? Nothing.

3. Givenchy Antigona givenchyantigonaRicardo Tisci has a peerless flair for creating designs that are both streetwise and office smart. This bag reflects just that. Donning a structured silhouette with a futuristic element, this bag is bound to be a classic in the couture house’s accessories department.

4.  Chanel Boy chanelboyIf you have eyes, you know that Chanel is EVERY decade’s staple. While the label continually releases their classic 2.55 bag in a variety of colors and textiles they always have a peripheral offering that seems to have a life expectancy of three years (read: Cambon bowler collection or Ligne bag). The Boy bag has passed the three year production mark, and continues to generate buzz by reproducing the item in exquisite seasonal color palettes, lush avant garde textures, and unconventional skins (including stingray!). If you covet a Boy bag, know that purchasing one is a sound investment with ample opportunity to trade it in for near-retail for years to come.

5. Alexander Wang x Balenciaga……To be DeterminedalexwangAlexander Wang, at only 27 years old, has managed to launch and establish a wildly popular namesake line that continues to expand, while simultaneously serving the house of Balenciaga as Creative Director. Both labels have an iconic bag that has stood the test of time—the Balenciaga City bag (designed by Nicolas Ghesquière) and the Alexander Wang Rocco bag. Now that Wang is heading up and influenced by Balenciaga, a new it bag is bound to happen. As most things of value – we’ll know it when we see it.

Do you have any timeless bags to add to this list? Let us know!

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