Thursday Tearjerker – Proposal Video

Essence magazine’s “Will You Marry Me?” Contest Winners

This marriage proposal is kind of  NSFW. Not because it’s raunchy (It’s’ a wedding site, ladies!), but because you might just weep like a baby all over your desk when you watch it. <!–more–>

Essence magazine recently announced the winners of their 4th annual “Will You Marry Me” proposal contest. The winning couple, Gabriel Sheffield and Jasmine Harris, were presented with the awesome prize pack on ABC’s Good Morning America. They got a wedding gown from David Tutera’s line, $10,000 dollars to spend on their big day, an amazing honeymoon in Maui, and more cool dream wedding gifts.

So here’s the tearjerkin’ proposal video. I will give you a million dollars if you don’t cry! Okay not really. But bear with the little commercial in the beginning and watch it all the way through — it’s worth it.

How adorably excited was Jasmine? And her dad — oh my! What a sweet man and a true class act. I’d love to see his speech at their wedding, and this video just makes me want to give him a big giant bear hug. He and Jasmine’s mom have been married for 26 years and were high school sweethearts. This is a family who knows how to do love right!

Here’s Gabriel and Jasmine on GMA when they found out that they won. Before they announced the winner, all of the contestants got a little talking-to from Steve Harvey, who’s apparently a relationship expert now (who knew?) and shared such gems as, “Hey man, it’s gotta stay fresh.”

Oh Mr. Harvey, I kid!! Steve actually offers some very sweet advice and has a level-headed perspective on marriage.

Congrats to Gabriel and Jasmine, and thanks for sharing your story with the world! The only way you two could make your big day any more dreamy would be by spreading your good fortune and selling Jasmine’s gently used wedding dress on a certain website I know of *wink wink*!

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  1. I just happened to find this on the net, and I want to thank you for posting. Gabe and I are now in the planning stages of the wedding, and I can’t wait till the big day. Who knew that planning the big day would entail so much (okay so maybe I did know, slightly, from friends who have walked down the aisle already). I’m very excited and looking forward to being the future Mrs. Sheffield! I’ll take a look around your site, from the looks of it, seems pretty interesting!

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