The “Skinny Secret” Stores Don’t Want You to Know About

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 2.11.11 PM

Did you ever wonder why you look so amazing at a boutique, only to find that once you returned home, the same outfit you spent hours picking out not only doesn’t fit the same, it most definitely does not look the same?  Say it with me: SKINNY MIRRORS.

Here’s the thing, skinny mirrors were sent to earth as a plot to make you look skinnier while shopping, so that you’ll spend more money.  We get it.  We’ve always known there was something not quite kosher about the “before and after” affect that happens after a shopping excursion.  And now, there’s a nice lady out there who thinks some of us will want to purchase our own manufactured moments of delusion for our viewing pleasure at home.  The Skinny Mirror hopes to help women feel better, more confident about themselves before heading out every day.  Will you get one?

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