The Running of the Brides

The Filene’s Basement’s annual bridal sale stampede

The wedding dress sale known as “The Running of the Brides” just hit Aventura, Florida and New York City this week. <!–more–>

Looks like nobody told these women that they can find great deals on designer wedding dresses on Recycled Bride from the comfort of their couches. So they lined up at 3am in the blustery cold, then weathered a veritable bridal riot to find the dress of their dreams.

While this sounds just awful to me (I sometimes have nightmares that look like this video after working too many hours Recycled Bride), a lot of these shoppers look like they’re having a blast, and the dress deals are rumored to be fabulous. Here’s what Filene’s says about the event:

The day of the sale, brides-to-be and their helpers line up early. When the doors open, they run full speed towards the racks. In less than 60 seconds, the racks are stripped bare (store employees have to hold on to the fixtures so they don’t topple). The women grab whatever gowns they can, haul them off to a corner, strip down to their underwear and start trying on dresses. Minutes later the trading begins. Every dress, no matter what size, style or color, gets bartered for another, as each bride tries to find the gown of her dreams at a cut-rate price.

Wow. If you dare, check out this schedule to find an upcoming Filene’s bridal event near you.

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  1. Wow — Now that’s working hard for the dress. My question is, how many brides-to-be would take part in an event like this to save money? I’m thinking, it’s a no for me.

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