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We’ve all done it, we’ve all had those days where you just want to be comfortable so you reach for an ever-comfy, worn-in sweatshirt. And let’s admit it, it feels so good. But that college sweatshirt (maybe from a college you didn’t even go to…) wasn’t ever going to earn a spot on the best dressed list — until now. With the hottest designers from New York to Paris all taking a fresh look at classic sportswear, the sweatshirt has taken a luxuriously stylish turn. So whether you like some Tory Burch-style prep or some Alexander Wang cool, there’s a sweatshirt out there for you.


From Left: Proenza Schouler, Gucci, Anthony Vaccarello, Alexander Wang, Kenzo; Photos Via Style.Com

The sweatshirt look has been all over this year’s runways, from your standard heather grey to ultra-luxe fur, or something completely reimagined. Proenza Schouler made a big impact at New York Fashion Week this September with a deconstructed argyle sweatshirt that had us totally swooning. A sweatshirt with a flash of skin — who knew it could work so well? Gucci put a completely different spin on the look, rendering a classic-cut sweatshirt in a heavenly blush fur, talk about the ultimate in luxe comfort. Even one of Paris’s sultriest designers, Anthony Vaccarello, walked out a classic sweatshirt that’s sure to be popping up on some Parisians whose wardrobes we would surely be jealous of. And Alexander Wang (a.k.a. New York’s King of Cool) never turns down the chance for an athletic twist, as he showed an ultra-modern, puffed version with a bold neon touch. Finally, there’s Kenzo, who may have started the entire sweatshirt craze years ago with their tiger logo sweatshirts that became an instant street style hit. They continued their sweatshirt affair this year with another round of graphic delight on a simple black sweater.

So sure everyone’s favorite comfort wear has invaded the fashion scene, but how can you get the runway ready look that’s just right for you (and maybe without the runway cost)? Well as we’ve seen the sweatshirt craze has been taken in almost every direction imaginable so there’s really something for everyone (or even one for every day of the week).


From Left: J. Crew, J. Crew, Rag and Bone; Photos Via J. Crew and Rag and Bone

A great place to start is the classic sweatshirt, for instance in a simple heather grey, which can still work as a great staple piece this season, but now it’s so easy to take that one step further. J.Crew is practically sweater heaven and they offer some great updates, like this graphic floral print sweatshirt, or if you need some extra bling in your life, how about a bejeweled take on the classic? Band of Outsiders is another brand which has built itself around American classics, so this printed navy terrycloth sweatshirt is sure to fit the bill, just a quick update for some extra oomph to your cozy new look.


From Left: Isabel Marant for H&M, Kenzo, 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target; Photos Via H&M, Kenzo, and Target

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a sweatshirt that’s still relaxed but heavy on impact then these pieces may be much more up your alley. From Isabel Marant’s H&M collaboration, the Parisian Queen of Boho Chic paints shades of red across a perfectly lax sweater. Then there’s Kenzo’s latest go at a statement sweater, a large embroidered eye against sleek cotton sweatshirt in a striking red hue. And then the ultimate exercise in boldness comes from 3.1 Phillip Lim’s collaboration with Target, a pop art print leaves an updated grey sweater booming with stylish appeal.

From a J.Crew staple to Gucci’s indulgent fur, the sweatshirt gone viral in the fashion world. But unlike many of the fashion industry’s fancies this look is totally easy to pull off and most importantly — absolutely cozy.  So whether you’re feeling the ladylike look or you’re a full on sporty spice, it’s a completely versatile style that’ll keep us all looking and feeling good this fall. And even better, these pieces will leave your bank account feeling just as comfortable as you, because all of these chic sweats are on Tradesy, which we all know means some killer deals.



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