The Must-Read List of Suckiness

EcoStiletto’s Big List of Things That Suck Will Save Your Life

(Don’t call me melodramatic until you read the list.) <!–more–>

We all try to avoid the things we know are bad for us and for the environment (plastic water bottles, cigarettes, the McDonald’s drive-thru window). But how many toxic chemicals are hiding in your clothing, your household items — even your lunch?

SLS-free Shampoo Bars from Lush - Image by Valli Ravindran/

SLS-free Shampoo Bars from Lush – Image by Valli Ravindran/

EcoStiletto’s Big List of Things That Suck shows you why your antibacterial hand soap, your cotton t-shirt, even your tampons, could be doing serious damage to the Earth and to your health. And lest you think I’m trying to spoil your day, the list is actually an interesting and entertaining read. It gives a great, brief overview of why each “sucky thing”, um…sucks, and then suggests healthier alternatives.

I like to think that my green awareness quotient is pretty high, but even I was surprised by some of the items on the list. For example, who knew about the dangers of nanotechnology? Nanotechnology involves the manipulation of materials at the scale of atoms and molecules. And nanoparticles are so small that they can penetrate cell walls, including organ tissues. Researchers recently found that inhalation of carbon nanotubes led to mesothelioma—the same kind of cancer linked to asbestos. Eek! Looks like I’ll be trading in my futuristic nano-wear hoodie for a good old-fashioned sweatshirt.

Other offenders on the big list include cotton (pesticides!), faux fur (petrochemicals!), nylon (non-biodegradable!) and polyester (energy-sucker!). Textiles like these account for nearly four million tons of solid waste every year, or four percent of the content of our landfills. And what do these fabrics all have in common? Why, they’re used to make bridal and wedding attire, of course! That’s where Recycled Bride comes in. We’re proud to provide a place where brides can recycle absolutely everything from their weddings, from dresses and tuxedos to gifts and decorations.

Have anything to add to the big list? Let me know! I’ll pass it along to our friends at EcoStiletto.

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  1. Thanks so much for pointing that out! This was written back in November, and I’ve become aware since then that many Lush products contain SLS. Boo! It’s definitely important to read the labels and check ‘em twice when shopping at Lush. Thanks again Jasmine! :)

  2. Just wanted to let you know that Lush’s shampoo bars are not SLS free, its their first ingredient.

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