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The September issue is the issue to rule all issues in the world of fashion magazines. These massive manifestos of fall fashion take over newsstands every year as summer dwindles down and are always stuffed to their physical limit with high-profile ads and editorials. The September issue is such a cultural phenomenon it was even the subject of the aptly named documentary, “The September Issue” which follows the making of Vogue’s now-iconic behemoth, the 2007 September issue.


Via Vogue, 2007                                                                                                                                Via Vogue, 2012

The September issue is the beginning of the fall season for fashion publications. Gone are the bikinis and beach shoots, the pages are now filled with the best and boldest trends from the fall runways. But the editorials are only a small fraction of these mega-magazines, because the September issue is truly all about advertisements for these publications. Every year it’s a fight for the top spot, the biggest issue with the most ads. Vogue is the usual victor, usually garnering over 600 pages of advertisements. This can lead to some massive editions, like the 916 (!!) page record-breaking September issue from 2012 featuring Lady Gaga which also celebrated Vogue’s 120th anniversary.

But to get all these advertisements out to readers they need to be surrounded by the best covers and editorials the magazine can think of, which is why the September cover is such a highly-coveted spot. Last years cover stars featured the likes of Jennifer Lawrence for Vogue, Sarah Jessica Parker for Harper’s Bazaar, the british model du jour Cara Delevingne for W, and Kate Upton for Elle. Big-name celebs and fashion icons can always be spotted on the cover of these prestigious issues, and 2014 is not giving up on this tradition.


Via Harper’s Bazaar

This year’s Harpers Bazaar went full-force with major star power and major fashion, picking not just one big name but three… for three different covers. They have a bit of everything with Lady Gaga (and her new dog) in Chanel, Penelope Cruz in Dior, and Linda Evangelista in Comme Des Garçons. Usually a magazine has to choose whether they want an actress, singer, or fashion star on the cover but Harper’s went for all of the above this year for some serious wow-factor.


Via W Magazine

W Magazine tapped the ever-provocative Rihanna to be their September star, in a bold tribal-inspired cover shot, calling her the “World’s Wildest Style Icon”. And inside they gathered two more mega-icons, Naomi Campbell and Iman, to join Rihanna for a Balmain-clad photoshoot that could probably be the most insanely amazing thing we ever have and ever will see (we’re a bit excited if you can’t tell).


Via Elle

Elle appears to be a bit Chanel obsessed if their cover and accompanying editorial have anything to say about it. The magazine chose Chanel’s latest celeb-darling, Kristen Stewart, for their cover — rocking Chanel of course. Inside the Chanel celebration continues with the pouty starlette sporting numerous looks from the brands fall collection. And on top of that, the shoot takes place in a giant grocery store, much like what Chanel created for their fall runway show. So if you need a heavy dose of Chanel this September, you know where to look.


Via Vogue, 2013                                                                                                                   Via Vogue Italia, 2011 

But what about the most coveted and most talked about cover of all? Vogue has kept their perfectly glossed lips shut tight this year, because their cover star is still a mystery! Last year we knew about Jennifer Lawrence’s appearance in the the magazine several months ahead of time, yet this year, we are completely in the dark. Some of the most rumored names however have been Beyoncé, who needs no explanation, and Karlie Kloss – Vogue’s favorite supermodel of this generation. But then of course there are other whispers, saying the cover will feature an actress who has seen a lot of love from Vogue in the past. But no matter who graces the cover this year, we are just dying to find out! But luckily(or hopefully…) the wait will be short, most sources say the cover should be revealed any day now, just in time for the late August release.

So while this may seem like a lot of buzz for a couple of magazine covers, a single page ad in Vogue runs almost $200,000 dollars (there’s 631 of those in this year’s issue by the way). Not to mention the even pricier options exist for the inside and back covers, proving that these issues are no joke in the fashion business. But they’re thankfully also big on the fashion. They feature all the celebrities and fashion icons we love and all the clothes we dream about constantly. And despite the literal workout it is to carry these magazines back home with us, we love spending a little time (or a couple hours…) flipping through these super-sized issues. The September issue is the official start of Fall fashion and who doesn’t love a whole season of brand new fashion with a kick off as grand as this?

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