The Fashion Count: July 24

Every Friday, our team will compile the most exciting fashion news from around the world and share it here on the Tradesy blog. Catch up on the industry’s breaking headlines with our latest Fashion Count:


2 – Both the number of ad campaigns by Alexander McQueen that star model Edie Campbell and the number of the brand’s campaigns shot by Steven Klein.  This fall, McQueen’s five darkly romantic ads feature Campbell posing in dramatic gowns with high-styled thoroughbred horses.  We love how rich and moody this particular campaign feels — like a grand, gothic fairytale injected with British charm.


image via Inspiration by Color

465 – The number of ad pages in Elle’s upcoming September issue.  Publishing houses compete and like to brag about ad space sold in their September fashion mags, specifically.  This year, Hearst wins with Elle’s 465 pages of fall ads alone.  Along with Hearst’s thick editions of Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and Town & Country, Elle’s latest advertising feat will yield the publishing house’s biggest September ever and be the largest single issue published in Hearst history. (via Fashionista)


image via Fashionista

195 – The price, in dollars, of Tory Burch’s newly launched Fitbit bracelet.  The collection put forth by the popular designer features 3 pieces of jewelry crafted to conceal existing styles of Fitbit hardware, which aren’t exactly considered cute-looking or discreet.  Designed to beautify the wireless activity and sleep tracker, Burch’s brass bracelet, brass necklace, and printed bracelets allow users to simply ‘pop in’ their tech.  As Fashionista notes, these accessories are not the best looking in the tech-friendly fashion game, but they at least improve upon the hardware’s basic model.  (via Fashionista)


image via InStyle

12 – The number of pieces in Yasmin Sewell’s hotly-anticipated fall capsule collection at Barneys.  Born in Australia, but based in London, Sewell is the celebrated street-style star who works as a Creative Director and has helped launch womenswear lines for brands like J.W. Anderson and Christopher Kane.  Her menswear-inspired sartorial eye is praised internationally and so her collection rightly focuses on three things: durability, wearability, and sophistication.  With a price range between $295 and $1495, Sewell’s new designs are sure to sell out fast, possibly by the time Barney’s pre-order ends. (via Refinery 29)


image via Refinery29

36 – The number of times that the word ‘Vogue’ is said on Sex And The City.  The French artist Pierre Buttin has compiled a video of namechecks taken from scenes throughout the series’ six-season run.  The brand mentioned most frequently, of course, is Vogue, followed by Martini, Yankees, Knicks, and New York Times.  Fashion-wise, the winners include Manolo Blahnick (16 mentions), Dolce & Gabbana (15), Prada (14), Chanel (13), and Gucci (12).  Understandably, the infamously brutal post-it breakup between Carrie and Berger was referenced a whopping number of 14 times on the show. (via Vogue UK)


image via Contact Style

10 – The number of years that Diane Von Furstenberg will have served as the CFDA’s president.  Members of the Council of Fashion Designers of America recently voted (unanimously) to extend DVF’s presidential term through to 2016.  Her additional two years filling the CFDA’s star position will mark a decade of the council’s growth under the designer’s outstanding leadership. 


image via The Guardian

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