Which “Girls” Character is Your Style Spirit Animal?

If you’ve somehow missed HBO’s hit series, Girls, you’re about 3 seasons behind and it is time to jump on board. The show is a gritty, real-life look at what it’s like to be a 20-something woman in New York City trying to make a career, a difference, and rent on time… all while going through the ups and downs of relationships, jobs, fashion, and life. We could go on (and on!) about this show, but what we really want to talk about is the unique style that each of these characters brings to the screen. Each of the ladies represents a particular look and personality — whose style is most like yours?

Hannah Horvathhannah1Hannah is a writer who is in a financial crisis, but still trying to make it in New York City. She is the self-proclaimed “voice of her generation”, and her style says, “I’m not ready to grow up” (which, as a 20-something myself, I can relate to!). Hannah loves rompers, in every print under the sun, and mixes colors and prints with abandon. 

Hannah’s style:

  • GO BOLD with prints that have a vintage feel
  • When mixing colors and prints, choose unexpected combinations — the beauty of this look is that it says “I don’t care about the rules”
  • Body confidence is Hannah’s hallmark: you’ll never catch her sweating over a bit of cellulite, and we love her for it! Real women have curves — flaunt yours.

Marnie MichaelsggmarnieMarnie looks like she walked out of a Bloomingdales catalog every time she leaves the house. Even though Marnie is slowly self-destructing (spoiler alert!), dealing with a break up, loss of a job, uptight mother with crazy expectations, and falling out with her best friend, she always looks perfectly polished and ladylike.

Marnie’s Style:

  • Marnie’s always camera-ready, in body-conscious bold colors and perfect patent pumps. Keep your wardrobe simple and matchy-matchy
  • Pearls, pearls, pearls. Enough said.
  • Structured dresses, like Black Halo dresses and BCBG frocks, are your staple.

Jessa JohanssonjessaThis British gypsy floats through life with bohemian elegance. She’s a globe-trotter turned nanny whose go-to accessory is confidence. Jessa’s spontaneity and care-free attitude make her everybody’s bohemian best buddy.

Jessa’s Style:

  • It’s a small world after all: Global influences, from Indian silks to Southwestern prints, broadcast Jessa’s worldliness
  • Never leave home without: a killer crossbody bag to carry your passport, credit cards, and lipstick
  • Comfort is key — stick with long, flowy, loose-fitting fashion

Shoshanna Shapiro
This NYU student and NYC newbie is living vicariously through “Gossip Girl” and “Sex and the City.” Shoshanna is sweet and a bit naive, but she’s quickly learning about life in the big city. Her style is feminine, fussy, and fun.

Shoshanna’s Style:

  • Think pink! And other pastels, which give Shoshanna’s look a cutesy flair.
  • Braids, buns, and barrettes — make your hair a party, every day
  • A Juicy jumpsuit and your teddy bear – don’t worry, we wont tell!


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