The Bride of Photoshop

Dear Pronovias, The model in your ad is giving me nightmares. Love Tracy.

This is one stunning Pronovias Scarlet wedding dress by Manuel Mota, and I was psyched to see it listed on Tradesy Weddings. <!–more–> The rosettes are to die for, and the ruching around the torso creates that sexy hourglass effect that looks so good in wedding pics. It’s never been worn, is unaltered, and the seller has listed it for just $1,000. That’s nearly 40% off its $1600 retail price!

Never-worn Pronovias wedding dress, just $1200 on

Never-worn Pronovias wedding dress, just $1000 on

So the dress? Totally beautiful. But the manufacturer’s image of the dress? SCA-RY.

This model is 8 feet tall and weighs 112 pounds in real life.

This model is 8 feet tall and weighs 112 pounds in real life.

Does Photoshopping already-gorgeous models to look like anorexic aliens really sell more wedding dresses? Really now. Where in the time-space continuum does this woman exist? She is apparently 8 feet tall, weighs 100 pounds, has a 19″ waist, a wingspan of 12 feet, and the ability to *float* above the ground.

Anyway, the dress is really darned pretty. See more pics and get purchasing info here >>

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  1. I wore this dress for my September 2009 wedding. LOVED it, wish I could wear it every day. So beautiful, comfortable and different. Mine was in ivory. I also had the two flowers on the butt removed. Gorgeous gown!

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