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While you might have expected this week’s hottest accessory to come from the New York runways, this afternoon it was actually Apple that stole everyone’s attention as they unveiled possibly this year’s most coveted new accessory. That could only mean one thing of course, the Apple Watch is finally here, and boy do we want want one.


Via Apple

The watch — actually watches (yes multiple, imagine the possibilities!), were unveiled at the end of Apple’s event in Northern California this morning. And while you know they are going to be technologically amazing, the watch has to look great too, since we do have to actually wear it after all. But luckily, Apple never disappoints on the design front, and I’m sure fashionistas worldwide will be clamoring for this stylish gadget as soon as it hits the shelves. The watch face is a rounded square shape, and it comes in different tones of stainless steel and aluminum, as well as 18 karat yellow and rose gold. And even better it comes in two sizes, there’s both 38 and 42 millimeter versions of the watch.


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And what’s better than a chic new accessory, perhaps accessories for your accessory? The Apple Watch features interchangeable bands of varying materials and styles. There’s a classic metal clasp band, a quilted leather loop, an elastic sport band for you Lululemon lovers, leather bands with buckles, and even a fancy metal Milanese loop. And let’s not forget all the different color options as well! So whether you’re at the gym or out on the town Apple has all our accessorizing needs covered.

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Via Apple

The Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and the Apple Watch Edition are all set for a launch early next year with a base price of $349 (a price even a resale lover can appreciate). And while we’d love to get our hands on one of these impeccably designed goodies now, the wait gives us a little time to coordinate our outfits for the seemingly endless possibilities the watches will offer us!

So tell us, would you wear an Apple Watch, and if so which one strikes your fancy?

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