Techsessorized to a T

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Welcome to the world of a Tradesy Fashion Editor, which generally involves juggling emails, texts, phone calls, Instagrams, Snapchats, Hipchats, and Facebook messages…all while trying to get through a day’s work.

Today I actually said to someone, “Let me call you back, I have to Instagram something real quick.” The huge amount of technological outlets that exist to snap, share, and chat with other people have made my phone obsession borderline unhealthy.

My cell phone addiction started back in middle school when I got my first phone – a clunky, black Nokia (who wants to play Snake??). My parents refused to let me get cool covers for it, so I busted out the nail polish and decorated it myself. From that moment on, custom phones were my jam.

Finally, the rest of the world has caught up! Techsessories are totally a thing, with designers like Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and Kate Spade creating sleek cases for every device on Earth. Not having an awesome phone case is like walking around in your birthday suit! Or something along those lines.











My new obsession is this “Phone Clutch”, which can be found here and here on Tradesy. I saw this case on Fashion Tech Savvy during Fashion Week in NYC. I bought two for myself and a bunch more to hand out to friends. The upshot? iPhones with bunny ears are out, and the Phone Clutch is the must have techsessory of 2013!


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