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Leslie & Sim Part 2: An Indian Wedding in Bali

Yesterday’s Wedding Porn Wednesday celebration goes from Cali to Bali!

Just when you thought that Leslie and Sim couldn’t top their stunning, modern elegant California wedding, they’re back with an Indian celebration in Bali that wil blow your mind. <!–more–> Between the gorgeous henna tattoos, the horseback parade through town, and the frolicking monkeys in the Balinese countryside, this is one of the most incredible photo layouts we’ve ever published. Still wondering about that secret celebrity elopement that happened at the wedding? Scroll down to find out who it was…


Guests arrived in Bali greeted by these colorful and creative welcome baskets.





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Leslie & Sim’s Multi-Cultural Paradise Wedding(s)

One beautiful couple: Two international wedding celebrations. Welcome to paradise!

Prepare to be amazed by the biggest, baddest Wedding Porn Wednesday* we’ve ever featured. Leslie and Sim’s nuptials are a feast for the eyes, spanning the globe to incorporate an incredible variety of historical and cultural influences and details. <!–more–> First, their modern elegant California affair will make you oooh and aaah over incredible heirloom accessories passed down from Leslie’s great-grandmother and gorgous decor. Then, take a mini-vacay to check out their insanely colorful, four-day long Indian wedding on the lush beaches and rain forests of Bali.

{*What’s Wedding Porn Wednesday?}

Leslie and Sim are such a gorgeous couple, it would be fun to look at photos of them hanging out in their sweats. Instead, we get the privilege of seeing them in a stunning variety of costumes against some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. It was all captured by renowned international wedding photographer Laura Grier of Beautiful Day Photography. Laura expertly photographed every detail, including the gorgeous flowers, the Balinese landscape, and…a surprise celebrity engagement!  That’s right — a famous couple got engaged at Leslie and Sim’s reception, inspiring their secret BWalinese elopement the very next day. And I might just tell you who they are at the very end of this post….


Leslie’s wedding dress was a custom design by Lazaro. Two wedding invitations were sent to each guest — one for the California wedding, and another for the ceremony and celebration in Bali.


Look how sweet Leslie is, wiping away tears as she puts on the 60-year-old Chantilly lace veil that her great-grandmother made for her grandmother’s wedding. Leslie’s own mother also wore the veil at her wedding. What a beautiful family tradition — and a gorgeous veil!


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