Susan and Chris’s Cowboys ‘n Birds Wedding

You’ll get a Rocky Mountain High from this sweet & unique Colorado wedding

Last week’s Wedding Porn Wednesday by photographer Stone Crandall was so nice, we decided to feature him twice! Stone shot Chris and Susan’s super-charming wedding, held at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, with a reception at the YMCA of the Rockies, and boy did he ever capture some special moments. Susan and Chris put a fun personal twist on tons of standard wedding traditions. <!–more–>

For startes, instead of a typical bouquet and garter toss, they had a dance to see who of their guests had been married the longest. The DJ cued couples to begin stepping off the floor if they’d been married less than 5 years, less than 10 years, etc. Then the last couple standing won the bouquet and garter! They also had a University Fight Song throwdown for all of their loyal college sports fan friends. When the fight songs to the major Universities represented (CU, CSU, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Texas A&M, and Tulsa) were played, guests had to cheer as loud as they could. The school alums with the most spirit got an autographed football signed by Chris and Susan.



Fresh wildflowers tied with hay make a perfectly elegant rustic bouquet.




The cowboy boots aren’t just chic, they’re practical! Stiletto heels sinking into mud and grass are no fun for brides or their bridesmaids. Why not be cool and comfortable with boots like these that let you dance the night away?







Lovely hand-drawn wedding programs with a message to guests add a warm, personal touch to the church ceremony.








The stories of Susan’s bird theme and her veil are so beautiful! In her own words:

“I am wearing my mom’s veil. This was actually a last minute find. I didn’t even want to ear one, but my mom found hers buried in a box and it matched my dress PERFECTLY! God is in all the details. Also…I have a bit of a bird theme throughout the details of the ceremony and the reception. My grandma (mom’s mom) was killed in a car accident when I was young, but she always was pointing out birds to me. She had this saying with all my cousins that when you see a robin you have to do this little motion with your thumb for good luck. We all still do it and to this day, whenever I see a robin I have to stop what I am doing and do my thumb trick for good luck.”



Chris and Susan have a passion for great food, so they made their table theme about all of the great restaurants they’ve visited, and handed out a homemade book of recipes as wedding favors.




Instead of having a typical guestbook, the couple had everyone sign rocks (in the Rockies — get it!?) with messages to the bride and groom. Below, check out how Susan’s gorgeous convertible dress became a fun, short style when it came time to dance and show off her cowboy boots!



Thanks again to Stone Crandall for sharing these fabulous images with us, and congrats to Chris and Susan on a beautiful wedding day and happily ever after!


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