Survive New York Fashion Week Like A Pro: Starter Kit

3,2,1… Commence Fashion Countdown.


New York Fashion Week begins at the end of this week and frankly we are as overwhelmed as we are excited. Fashion Week, or rather, more fitting, Fashion Month can be very hectic, especially for first-time attendees. Outfit changes in the back of cars and rushing to get from one show to the other in a heel are just to name a few of the obstacles. Your Fashion Stylists wanted to put together a Survival Guide, Tradesy Edition, for first-time fashionistas, like all of you.



  1. WATER
  2. Snacks that fit in your purse (nuts, chocolate, granola bars….we’ll wait for the fun dinners at night to dig into the burgers)
  3. Portable phone charger (photos or it didn’t happen right?)
  4. Powder for makeup touch-ups (it’ll be a long day)
  5. Chic yet comfy shoes – no matter what season a chanel sneaker or channel boots will never go out of style
  6. Bandaids (if you don’t follow #5)
  7. Choose outfits that are of course on trend and fashion forward but make sure you feel comfortable and love what you wear, Tradesy anyone?
  8. Network before and after the show – if you spark a conversation with the person next to you don’t worry about the next show – fashion week is the most ideal place to meet the right people in the industry
  9. Be present – content for Instagram is important but not as important as the experience of being at the show
  10. Pose for the streetwear photographers – the Internet works magic and you could be the next obsession – and who doesn’t want an impromptu photoshoot looking amazing
  11. WATER (two times because it’s that important)



If this made you think of shopping – you came to the right place.


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