Smart Style: Simple Shopping Tips to Save You Money

Remember  when we shared our 2014 New Year’s fashion resolutions? We’re sticking to our guns on this one! We want to make our dollars count when it comes to securing the essentials like jeans, comfortable flats, and an everyday handbag. If your closet needs an upgrade, see how to get the essentials for less:

 essetials-for-lessTradesy Essentials:
Mango Oversized T-shirt
Kate Spade Leather Shoulder Bag
Banana Republic Necklace
Tory Burch Flats
Hudson Nico Skinny Jeans
Search for a brand, not a style.
When shopping for jeans or tops, find the right brand. Once you get the perfect fit, you can choose different styles from the same designer. Start with your favorite pair of jeans. Head to the department store and take note of which brands offer similar fit and quality. When trying on pants, do Joes, J.Brand, or Paige feel like jeans you could spend the whole day in? When you’ve found a few don’t buy them just yet.

Find what fits, then look online.
Search online first to see where you can find a better deal. Find a trusted retailer of authentic items and compare prices with the big stores. Tradesy’s stocked with 1000+ pairs of new and used designer jeans to choose from, so you can likely find what you need for up to 90% off retail. 

Investment pieces have high resale value.
If you find that buying at retail is your best choice, keep in mind that most investment pieces have high resale values. While it won’t be the only factor in deciding what to buy, knowing that high-quality designer pieces will sell later on can play a role in how you think about purchasing. Considering clothing as an investment can help you avoid falling for fast fashion that doesn’t last as long, feel as comfortable, or look as good.

Go secondhand with bags and accessories.
With accessories, you don’t need to be in the store to envision how they look, so keep your search open to the web too. Score jewelry, belts, and bags at discount prices by browsing listings by individuals who share your style and offer quality products for much less.

A good handbag can cost a pretty penny, which is why it’s so important to choose a timeless bag that will be by your side on any occasion. Consider what colors and styles work with your go-to outfits. Next, consider function: Are you the girl who fills any bag to the brim? This Kate Spade shoulder bag may be your style. Hate those bulky totes? Then a slim cross-body may make more sense.

With these tips and tricks, you’re sure to find your closet essentials for much less!

Do you have any trade secrets for finding your favorite clothes?

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