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Maybe you’re planning your dream wedding on a budget, and using Recycled Bride to save big. Or perhaps you planned to recycle everything from your big day, and you’re selling it all on Recycled Bride. Make sure to include your full name and email address in the appropriate fields (These won’t be published — only we can see it and we’ll use it if we want to contact you to publish your story elsewhere!).

Recycled Bride

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  1. I might be the only man who used Recycled Bride. I guess I’m a Recycled Groom.

    Angela was stationed in Iraq and would only be home on leave for 6 weeks. I knew I wanted to propose, but that she wouldn’t have time to plan a wedding and get married while she was here. So I decided to plan it myself, right down to the dress. I enlisted her sister’s help, and together we loked online and found a great gown that I knew my bride would look beautiful in. Of course I wanted to find it at the best price possible, and found it on Recycled Bride for less than half the price, from a seller who never wore it. It even still had the original tags. Bingo.

    Here are some other things I bought on Recycled Bride – Angela’s white gold wedding band with diamond pave, a long veil with crystals that matched the dress, a bowtie and cummerbund for myself, and an arch for the ceremony in her sister’s backyard. A gentleman never tells how much he spent, but lets just say that Recycled Bride made us “look like” a million bucks.

    Angela looked like a true angel at our wedding. It was small and simple, just like I knew she would want and it happened just 11 days after I proposed (on the day she came home). That gave us plenty of time to enjoy a stay at home-honeymoon before she went back to Iraq

    Only thing I want to know is, when will there be a Recycled Baby?

    (Trying to upload photos, but it’s not working)

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