SEED is a Sustainable Superstar

All-natural and affordable body lotions, soaps and shampoos are here

One of the big perks of my job is that I get a lot of free beauty products to review. The upside…well, it’s obvious. Swag! Freebies! Woo-hoo! The downside? Boxes arrive most every week containing “green” or “natural” products that make vague promises. <!–more–>  Some scream “100% Organic!” but are certified by…well, nobody. Or I get “Earth-friendly” lipsticks and lotions that come wrapped tons of excessive packaging and yards of plastic bubblewrap.*Shudder* Or the products arrive and simply don’t live up to expectation. (Please don’t send me anymore clumpy, viscous creams with cloying fruit scents, okaythanksbye.)

So when my package of SEED body lotions, shampoo and soap arrived last week, I was immediately impressed by how easily they passed my basic sustainability checklist. Everything arrived in a minimal amount of biodegradable packaging. The shampoo even comes in bar form, which is completely awesome because it eliminates one more plastic bottle from my world. Check. SEED’s understated “100% natural” claim is easily substantiated by their ingredients, which are almost all recognizable and pronouncable, and most definitely do not include pthalates, parabens, and other things that make us say “ick”.  Check. What they do contain is a whole truckload of grape seeds, which are a natural by-product of the winemaking process and are packed with skin-nourishing fatty acids, Vitamin E, and antioxidants, giving them incredible skin health benefits.

None of the plastic packaging, all of the shampoo-y goodness: SEED Shampoo Bars

None of the plastic packaging, all of the shampoo-y goodness: SEED Shampoo Bars

And here’s the best part: SEED products actually work. Natural cleansers and lotions often get a bad rap because they just don’t feel as good on the body as the synthetic stuff. But SEED’s shampoo bar lathers beautifully, the soap has a pleasant exfoliating roughness thanks to an abundance of tiny grapeseeds, and the lavender sage moisturizer left me feeling pleasantly…well, moist. Check, check, check! And holy bananas, does this stuff smell good. Seriously. I can’t stop sniffing my hands after applying it (which looks about as weird as it sounds).

All of this left me with the impression that I had scored some seriously luxe products. Cha-ching! But SEED is inexplicably affordable, with everything ringing in at $8.99 or less. And that, my friends, is why I’m talkin’ bout a revolution. Because it’s always been easy to buy really good stuff  if you’ve got tons of cash to drop, or if it’s made using cheap foreign labor and imported to the States on a tailwind of fossil fuels. But SEED is made in the USA, and sold at prices that will make natural personal care products accessible to the masses. Can you feel the winds of change rolling in?

I told SEED’s publicist how much I love the brand, and she was kind enough to offer $1 off all SEED products just for Recycled Bride readers. With this coupon, the soaps and shampoo bars are a mind-boggling $3.49 each! Just click through using this link to redeem your discount. You can also find SEED products on Amazon or at some Whole Foods stores. And if you can’t stop breathing in the lovely scent of your own hands, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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  1. Hi Cassandra! I just sent an e-mail to SEED to find out what the issue is, and will get back to you at the e-mail address you entered here as soon as I hear. I think that those soaps and shampoos are actually only $2.49 with the coupon! I’ll keep you posted!

  2. I have been looking for something like this for a few months now. Thanks for posting!! I can’t wait to get them.

    I am having trouble with the link. I click through it, and in the store, it says I get a dollar off to make them $3.49 a piece. I added one to my “shopping cart,” and when I went to check out, I couldn’t get the discount coupon to work. I might be missing something totally obvious, but I just thought I’d ask how I can get this to work. It’s so great that I can’t pass it up!

    Thanks for posting. :)

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