Robin & Ken’s Eco-Chic Destination Wedding

A botanist and a biologist get married at an organic farm resort


Robin and Ken are from Toronto, but when it came time to plan a green wedding that expressed their love of nature and each other, they chose to get married in Cherry Valley, California. Their venue, the Highland Springs Resort, features lush natural landscapes, an all organic farm, thousand year old oak trees, olive groves, and vast fields of lavender, rosemary, and peppermint. Wedding planner LaDawn Williams from Platinum Lining Events was the creative force that helped Robin and Ken achieve their dream day. And talented LA-based photog Desi Baytan captured every impossibly beautiful and romantic moment.

{*What’s Wedding Porn Wednesday?}


Look at the gorgeous lines in bottom left photo, where the bride is putting her shoes on. Beautiful! Robin is a botanist, so she loves plants and trees. Her bouquet and other wedding flowers were organic, created by Irises Designs. Ken’s a Biology professor who loves animals and has a special thing for hummingbirds. Wait until you see how they incorporated their favorite elements of nature into the reception…


The blush-colored gown, hair rosettes, and brooch details give Robin’s classically stylish look an earthy, vintage appeal. Also, she kind of reminds me of Kate Winslet. Which I mean as a ginormous compliment, since I think KW is beautiful and always rocks the red carpet with the most elegant and feminine looks.


The couple wanted a photojournalistic style, but photographer Desi Baytan convinced them to have a frolic and some posed portraits among the herb fields, resulting in the spectacularly beautiful images below.



The ceremony was set in the middle of the lavendar fields, and decorated with only streamers and wooden chairs.







Sophisticated plant-themed prints decorate menu cards, and napkin rings are made of twigs and vines. The organic theme is expressed in all aspects of the decor, and the food is made using organic crops from the on-site farm. Lavender ice cream is a specialty!



Each guest table is named for a plant or animal that’s meaningful to Ken or Robin. Ken has studied the Pacific rattlesnake; Robin and her family love to fly-fish for rainbow trout. Personalized details like these create intimacy, warmth, and fun.



You know you’re at an incredible wedding when it ends with the bride playing frisbee.

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  1. and @ Durbin, I totally agree about Robin! I met her for the first time at the wedding. I’ve known Ken for years, though, and I can tell you that he’s one of the finest humans I know.

  2. I had the privilege of being at Robin and Ken’s wedding, and from start to finish it was a joy to be there. They put so much thought into everything they did, and it also really helped that they both come from amazing families who really gel with each other. @ Kelly, we are in love with them, too! :) They are one of those couples that, when they’re together, it just makes sense.

  3. Rest assured, Robin is as awesome as she looks. Haven’t met her man, but she would only pick someone equally awesome.

  4. This is my favorite wedding that you have ever featured. They are so cute and happy. I’m in love with this couple..

  5. Love them! The bride’s hair is super cute. They seem to really be enjoying their day, which makes the details sparkle even more!

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