Recycled Film Canister Wedding Invitations

Creative and eco-friendly wedding invitations from a married team of wedding photogs

Trevor and Larissa of Ambient Studios didn’t want run-of-the-mill paper wedding invitations for their big day. So they incorporated their passion for photography into a fun DIY project that resulted in these fabulously unique invites. <!–more–>


The invitations were printed on small rolls of paper, which were then packed inside of reusable film canisters and wrapped in unbleached paper packaging.


When guests received the invites, they were prompted to pull the roll of paper out to reveal a creative wedding invitation that Trevor and Larissa designed themselves.


Trevor and Larissa are partners in work and in life, and their artistic spirit and mutual love of photography made their vintage photography wedding theme an easy choice.


For more details about these super-cool invites, check out Treehugger >>

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