Princess Kate’s Wedding Dress – Made of Balloons!

When balloon artist Thelma Levett’s daughter Vicky decided to get married, mom set about making her a wedding dress. But she didn’t use a needle and thread, and there was nary a stitch of taffeta or satin in sight. <!–more–>

Thelma is a balloon artist, and she used more than 5,000 balloons that took more than four days to blow up to create her daughter’s gown.

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The balloons in the bodice aren’t inflated, but the ones in the skirt are. It took Levett several months to create the dress. The gown was inspired by Kate Middleton’s royal wedding dress.

“It’s not a replication,” Levett told HuffPost Weird News.  The Daily Mail said that and now I’m getting all sorts of comments. I never claimed it was Kate Middleton’s dress — that wouldn’t translate to balloons — but it is in the spirit.”

Read the full story on The Huffington Post Weird News >>

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