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Recycled Bride Reveals Top 10 Sustainable Wedding Trends for 2010
The world’s first eco-chic wedding resale website forecasts this year’s hottest trends. 

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, February 23, 2010 –, the wedding resale marketplace that’s revolutionizing how brides shop online, today revealed their top 10 sustainable wedding trends for 2010.

Even as the economic downturn has decreased wedding spending in recent years, couples are reluctant to sacrifice when it comes to celebrating this once-in-a-lifetime event. Shifts toward sustainability in the wedding industry are allowing brides and grooms to achieve the wedding of their dreams in more practical and budget-friendly ways. Sustainability extends beyond the eco-friendly: Recycled Bride defines a “sustainable wedding” as an event that includes elements which encourage positive social, financial, and environmental growth. As a leader in eco-wedding resale, Recycled Bride is able to both observe and help define sustainable alternatives to standard wedding practices. 
“We’re seeing the emergence of so many exciting wedding trends that reflect the big cultural, political and economic shifts happening in the world today.” says Tracy DiNunzio, Founder and CEO of Recycled Bride. “Couples are using their weddings as an opportunity to promote their personal and financial well-being, help the environment, and support their communities. Recycled Bride is proud to offer these insights and trend forecasts based on our unique position on the cutting edge of the sustainability movement in weddings.
Recycled Bride’s Top Sustainable Wedding Trends for 2010
1. There’s No Place Like Home – Local is the hot word for sustainable weddings in 2010. From venues to menus, couples are making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and cut their budgets by keeping celebrations “all in the neighborhood”. Backyard weddings are helping guests cut back on travel, and caterers are responding to clients’ demands for more locally produced food. Even wedding favors and decorations will be sought out from local artisans and shops.

2. Alterna-florals  – The hippest weddings are in full bloom with flower alternatives like sustainable succulents and DIY paper flowers. Conventional cut flowers are expensive, plus they’re grown with pesticides and have a huge carbon footprint, so couples are seeking alternative ways to decorate. Many will eschew the floral look altogether by using soy candles, fruit, and found objects for table centerpieces and bouquets.

3. The Hourglass Bride – String beans in sheath dresses are so yesterday. Inspired by voluptuous newlyweds like Christina Hendricks of Mad Men, Salma Hayek, and Beyonce, brides are embracing their curves in wedding dresses that emphasize a well-rounded figure. Many are even flaunting — or creating — an hourglass silhouette with gowns that sport belted waists, peplums, and plunging necklines. This is the year that women will ditch their grueling “Buff Bride” workouts in favor of kinder, gentler activities like yoga, and celebrate their naturally feminine shapes.
4. Wedding Planning Goes Digital – From blogger brides to Facebook-ing florists, wedding planning has become an online community affair. “More and more, brides are turning to wedding forums to look for fresh wedding ideas and the latest wedding trends. Together, brides and vendors make these forums an incredible wedding planning resource to connect with others who are passionate about weddings.” says Christine Dyer, Founder of Brides increasingly connect with each other for advice, support, and even labor trades on community-based social networks like and
5. Not-So-Mellow Yellow – The hottest color of 2010 is also the warmest. Sunshine-y yellow pairs beautifully with cobalt blue and violet for an electrifying palette that’s bright and bold. Or combine pale yellows with white, ivory, and fresh green tones for a sunny and natural color theme. Many succulents bear yellow blossoms, making this cheerful color an easy choice for sustainable bouquets and centerpieces.

6. The Times Are A-Changing – Saturday night weddings aren’t the only game in town. Brides and grooms are scheduling their nuptials on weeknights, Sundays, and even early mornings in 2010. It’s less expensive to book  a venue or caterer on “off days”, and as telecommuting becomes more popular, guests are gaining flexibility in their schedules. Weddings we’ll see this year will include sunrise affairs followed by romantic brunches, and chic mid-week dinner parties.

7. Bright Bridal Shoes – Forget the white and ivory satin slippers and “dyeable” sandals of wedding days gone by. Bridal shoes in bright and bold hues like fuschia, emerald green and electric blue are hot hot hot in 2010. Colored shoes are a chic and stylish surprise under a white wedding gown, plus they’re more versatile than white satin and can be worn again with a little black dress.

8. Flexible Registries  – The registry has been reinvented by sites like the, and this year we’ll see many brides and grooms skipping the Stepford registries in favor of more flexible options. More couples will opt for “open” online registries where they can request everything from charitable donations to eco-friendly housewares to cash for a down payment on a home.

9. Unexpected Seating – At both receptions and ceremonies, seating arrangements are being switched up. Think scattered chairs and benches for ceremonies, and long communal tables, clustered couches, and bar tables with stools for receptions. No more will the family and friends of the bride and groom be kept apart by rigid seating assignments at separate tables. This year’s seating arrangements will encourage guests to mix, mingle, dine and dance. 

10. Something Old, Something New – The hottest sustainable trend for 2010 (and our personal favorite, of course!) is incorporating recycled elements like gently used wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses, pre-owned wedding decorations, and vintage bridal jewelry into weddings. Sites like connect buyers and sellers for free, so they can reduce their wedding budgets and their carbon footprints. More and more brides are joining the wedding resale revolution, discovering how easy it is to save money and be a little greener by buying and selling their gently used wedding items.

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About Recycled Bride: is a free resale marketplace for eco-savvy brides and their friends. Members buy and sell everything from designer wedding gowns to reception decorations, bridesmaids dresses, shoes, and even wedding gifts. Reselling new and gently used wedding items on Recycled Bride lets users minimize their carbon footprint and maximize their budgets.

Recycled Bride is free and easy to use for both buyers and sellers, with twelve different categories of wedding-related items to choose from. Buyers enjoy huge discounts on luxury and designer wedding goods. Sellers earn money while cleaning out their closets, and can sign up to create ads for their items in just moments. Buyers and sellers are connected via Recycled Bride’s secure e-mailing system.

Recycled Bride is owned by Recycled Media, Inc. and was founded in 2009 by Tracy DiNunzio in Santa Monica, California. An eco-conscious business, Recycled Bride donates a portion of its advertising revenue to Global Green USA.

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