Our Favorite Wedding Guest Moments

Let’s face it- going to a wedding is guaranteed to be fun, picking out what you’re going to wear to it is not. Here at Tradesy, we know that shopping for your perfect dress isn’t always a piece of cake. We’ve put together a variety of pieces that will fit your budget and the theme of the wedding you’re attending, with outfits for everything from the destination wedding to the formal affair. This trend is sure to make you the Best-Dressed Wedding Guest!

Did your wedding invites get lost in the mail this year? You can still enjoy the cute and hilarious moments of other people’s big days without the stress of worrying about what to wear. Check out our favorite wedding guest moments that are bound to make you laugh, cry and even cringe.

1. The Clumsy Best Man

Saying your vows over a pool can be romantic and picturesque, but if you’ve chosen a clumsy best man to be in your wedding party, you may get pushed in.

2. The Toast from the Skies

This recent wedding was missing a very important guest, the groom’s brother, until he made a surprise video appearance while flying his fighter jet in Afghanistan.

3. The Wedding Party Dance Off

This couple’s first dance was made a whole lot more interesting when the groomsmen initiated a hilarious dance off with the bridal party.

 4. The Toddler with Moves

Things got a little wild when this cute 2 year old busted out his version of the jive.

5. The Nitpicky Priest

The bride and groom had a hard time getting through their vows thanks to their demanding officiant.


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