Wedding Wednesday: How to Start Planning Your Wedding

If you read our last post on wedding planning, your head is probably spinning with ideas. The tasks stack up fast, and if a streamlined planning process is at the top of your to-do list – and being dubbed bridezilla is not –  it’s time to get organized.


Wedding Apps
Being a bride in 2014 means you have access to apps created specifically to make your life easier. Download apps to create customized timelines and organize ideas and inspiration:

1. Make Your Wedding: Inspiration, Planning and DIY Projects – This app from two Martha Stewart pros offers 30 DIY projects that won’t kill your budget. You’ll get tons of planning ideas for a fantastic customized wedding that suits you perfectly.

2. Appy Couple – When couples set up Appy Couple, guests get all updates and news about the wedding, from engagement to honeymoon and more. There’s a photo uploader, map and event details, messages, e-meet at the bridal party, virtual champagne toasts, travel arrangements – the list goes on – all included in one spot.

3. – Looking for inspiration? Search, shop, and save all your favorite wedding ideas in one place. Search using keywords, colors, and styles, or browse an endless feed of images from the top wedding blogs. See something you love? Shop it here too.

4. Evernote – This is an app that keeps you and your fiancé connected on day-to-day planning. Take notes, snap images, and make to-do lists. The best part? If you keep your devices synced, the notes you make on the go are ready at your home computer that night. Genius!

5. Cozi – Cozi will keep track of every fitting, tailoring, hair and makeup trail, personal trainer appointment, and more for you and your wedding party with its detailed family calendar. Keep track of shopping lists and jot down notes here too.

6. Wedding Countdown – All this app does is feature a countdown to the big day (to the second!) on a pretty background. A must-have? Uh, yes!


Pinterest Boards
It’s time to make that “One Day” board useful! Pin from online magazines and websites, using categories such as gown, venue, decor, music, catering and, honeymoon. Share your boards with your planner and/or floral designer. Use secret boards to organize inspiration you don’t want to share with followers. If you’re unsure where to start, follow Tradesy on Pinterest for wedding dress inspiration.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 10.06.32 AM
Kara Frans Photography via Style Me Pretty

Wedding Planner
In the past, a wedding planner was seen as a somewhat of a luxury for those with the budget. But today’s planners work with a variety of budgets, and if you can fit it in yours – get one! A planner knows how to throw large events and can help with the entire process from engagement party to wedding reception. They can also break down your budget, communicate with vendors, and basically worry about the details so you don’t have to – that alone pays for itself!

Finding ways to maintain your sanity and staying organized throughout this process will have its own rewards. You will have happier memories of this time leading up to the wedding, not to mention the feeling of accomplishment that comes with being on top of everything you are trying to juggle all at once. Oh, and staying on the same page as your fiance…priceless.

Do you have any tips for organizing your wedding plans? Share them with us here.

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