Organic Wedding Cakes

Brooklyn cake artist Sarah Magid makes sweet works of all-natural frosted art.

Sarah Magid’s cookbook Organic and Chic will make you see wedding cakes in a whole new way. When it came out last Spring, I could hear the faint rumblings of a frosting revolution forming. Suddenly the smooth fondant of wedding cakes past seemed, well…stale. And Magid’s cakes, all bumpy and creviced and beautifully hand wrought, looked so totally chic and of-the-moment. <!–more–>


These are cakes that are organic in every way. They’re designed to celebrate nature, reflecting all of its sweet, joyful imperfections. And of course, their ingredients are pure and and organic too. I spy traces of Magid’s influence in this year’s roundup of New York’s best wedding cakes, which we featured a while back. Painterly strokes of frosting, roughly scattered sugar flowers, and a sprinkling of edible gold dust powder are the hallmarks of this new, nature-inspired cake trend.


Magid’s background in fine art, accessory design and sculpture influence her sophisticated cake-making style. And baking with her two young children infuses a playful quality into all of her designs.


If you live in the New York area, Magid will custom bake a wedding cake or other special occasion sweets for you based on anything from your favorite textiles to a treasured children’s book. She treats each cake as its own special work of art, creating sketches and documenting inspirational bits and bobs on her blog.


If you love looking at these delectable photos as much as I do, check out this strangely hypnotic Design Sponge video that features Magid making dark chocolate cupcakes with espresso whipped buttercream and hand-sculpted sugar flowers. Yes, you read that right. Permission to drool granted.


Contact Sarah Magid through her website for a consultation.

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