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Last week in New York, Opening Ceremony’s Humberto Leon and Carol Lim delivered much more than their SS15 collection— the pair remodeled what was previously considered the customary presentation of a fashion show. Instead of sending single-filed models down a runway true to form, the designer duo pitched a landmark idea to filmmaker Spike Jonze and actor Jonah Hill: the production of an original fashion play. Together, Jonze and Hill developed a story to showcase OC’s clothing and accessories through a scripted one-act staged at the Metropolitan Opera House. And the editors loved it. Featuring an all-star cast that included heavyweight actors like Bobby Cannavale, Rashida Jones, Catherine Keener, and Elle Fanning as well as models Karlie Kloss and Dree Hemmingway, OC’s theatrical piece was a welcomed reprieve from the monotony of watching back-to-back NYFW catwalks. The 45-minute play titled “100% Lost Cotton”, which was directed by Jonze who co-penned it with Hill, offered a satirical look at the fashion industry itself. Elle Fanning starred as an 18-year-old mid-western model at a fictitious casting for OC’s spring collection. There, her naïve character meets a series of darkly humorous and jaded fashion folk including a supermodel, a stylist, a designer, and a CEO. With a thematic focus on ‘innocence’ to highlight the nostalgic tone of the designs, the show was reportedly funny, engaging, and an effective way to reveal the brand’s upcoming offerings. As the actors moved in their high-styled costumes, audience members were granted ample time to eye the colors, fabrics, textures, and shapes on display. They could also see a variety of body types, as opposed to only stick-thin models, walking and talking, sitting and standing, living and breathing, in every garment. Opening Ceremony’s collection for next season, inspired by the designers’ suburban upbringings in the 90s, earned its well-deserved standing ovation. We applaud Leon, Lim, Jonze, and Hill for breaking out of the industry’s well-ordered mold to put forth something innovative and unpredictably delightful.

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