OneWed’s Ultimate Proposal Contest

Win an awesome trip to Greece and whole mess of platinum jewelry. Holler!

Our friends over at, where I blog every week about green weddings, are running a totally amazing contest right now, and I want a Recycled Bride member to take home the big prize! So I’m giving you the inside scoop about how to enter to win. <!–more–>


It’s called the Ultimate Engagement Proposal Contest, and it’s for engaged brides and grooms who want to win some pretty kickin’ prizes. All you have to do is go to and submit your incredible proposal story. Did he pop the question while skydiving? Bake you a birthday cake with a ring inside? Or did you, ballsy pioneer woman that you are, get down on one knee and propose to him? Tell OneWed about it to win!

If your proposal story isn’t quite that wild, then just make one up. Kidding! What I meant was: If your proposal story isn’t all that wild, it doesn’t mean it’s not special. Tell the good folks over at OneWed why your proposal was the most touching or important moment of your life, and you’ll qualify to win the all-expenses-paid trip for two to Santorini Greece (hello, romance!) and a bunch of platinum jewelry from the Platinum Guild International.

The only requirement for entry is to create your own Wedding Pre-Party. The Wedding Pre-Party is a new — and awesome — social networking concept from OneWed that connects you and your wedding guests to mix and mingle before the big day. By the time your reception rolls around, your shy cousin will be best friends with your fiancee’s old college roomie, and everyone will be ready to party the night away!

So make me proud, Recycled Brides — let’s take home that prize! Submit your proposal story and enter the giveaway now >>

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