Photogs To Watch: Weddirazzi

A new style of wedding photography is born in the heart of Hollywood

This is Ben Tsui and Alec Arias, aka Weddirazzi. <!–more–>


Their work has inspired me to do something a little bit different with this week’s Wedding Porn Wednesday. Instead of showing you one incredibly dazzling real wedding, we’re featuring a smattering of extraordinary pics from different weddings that Ben and Alec have shot. Take a good look, because these guys are poised to revolutionize wedding photography as we know it. Yeah, I said revolutionize.


Weddirazzi is just getting started, but their distinctive signature style is already creating buzz among local wedding industry peeps. Ben and Alec shoot brides and grooms paparazzi-style, resulting in some of the most expressive, exuberant, authentic wedding photography I’ve ever seen. Candid is the new glamour. Humor is the new hip. And real is the new pretty.


Ben and Alec are both pro photogs who’ve made careers shooting everything from editorial fashion to exclusive Hollywood events. When they met in the heart of Hollywood, they were both working as — you guessed it — paparazzi! Drawn to the excitement, fast pace, and glamour of snapping celeb pics for a major international news agency, these guys raced around Tinseltown shooting all of the biggest names in Hollywood. But then…


Growing disillusioned with the…ahem…less savory aspects of the business, Ben and Alec decided to return to what initially made them fall in love with photography — the art of capturing special people in special moments. In a daring mid-career switcheroo, they walked away from the world of celeb photography and started Weddirazzi.




You have to look carefully at these photos to see what’s so sophisticated and innovative about them, so put on your art critic goggles and join me for a moment of contemplation…Most wedding photos strive to make the bride and groom look as perfect and pretty as can be. And hey, I’m not knocking pretty! But as airbrushed “photojournalistic” style wedding pics saturate the industry, isn’t it refreshing to see the buoyant, intense, moving moments of a wedding day captured in all their real, nitty gritty glory?


The wedding industry loves to tell brides, It’s your day and you’re the star, and You should feel like a celebrity when you walk down that aisle.  So what could be more of-the-moment, more ironic-yet-authentic, than being photographed by actual paparazzi at your wedding? In an era when we’re just as likely to consume photos of celebrities leaving the gym or going to Starbucks as we are to see them on the red carpet, “looking like a star” no longer means being groomed and posed to within an inch of your life. Imperfection is hot. Looking like a star means looking like yourself. And PS, that’s when you’re most beautiful anyway.


Ben and Alec bring an incredibly unique set of skills to photographing weddings. They’re used to shooting lightning-fast under pressure. They’re wily, witty, hip, and edgy. They’re not afraid to dive under a bush or otherwise risk bodily harm to get the shot. And they’ve developed a talent for probing into people’s character with their cameras. These photos make me feel like I’m friends with the subjects, even though I’ve never met them. They peel away a layer. It’s honest and beautiful. Not posing-with-my-calla-lily-bouquet beautiful, but real, moving, human spirit beautiful.



But lest you think that all Weddirazzi can do is capture your candids, check out these gorgeous — and yes,  posed! — engagement shots, taken on a lovely overcast day at the Griffith Park Observatory overlooking the Hollywood sign:



And if you have a special vision for your wedding photos, these guys can help create it. They have experience producing a wide variety of edgy fashion photography. Like so:





Now I’m not at liberty to discuss the details, but Ben and Alec are busybusy creating some pretty incredible products to go along with the Weddirazzi vision. They’re also still booking weddings for the summer, so if you’re a last-minute bride with Southern California or destination wedding coming up, give them a shout. With the magic that they’re cooking up, this duo won’t be available — or affordable — for long. Tell them Recycled Bride sent you to get an extra 10% off any wedding photography package from now through June 1st. Just because we love you.

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  1. such a cool and unique new take on wedding photography! they are going to be big and i can’t wait to see more!

  2. This is amazing. And this is exactly what I mean when I say I want art and honesty in wedding photos. So excited to see more.

    You guys has good imagination and taste, GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. OMG, thank you Jesus! Wedding photography is so boring! These guys are doing it right. And hip. And cool. I’m telling all my girlie friends who to call when the time comes – Ben & Alec!

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