That’s One “ELLE” Of A Double Standard!!!


Looks like ELLE MAGAZINE has decided to step out of the shadows of the long-standing rule of not putting plus-sized stars on its cover, and picked the hilarious Melissa McCarthy as one of the featured actresses for their special “WOMEN IN HOLLYWOOD” issue set for November.  And listen, I love that they photographed Melissa looking all vampy and mysterious.  BUT, and there’s always a but, <!–more–> they buried her in a gi-normous coat, only exposing a glimpse of flesh from her neck and calves, unlike the other leading ladies who also have a cover for next month’s issue.  Let us look at the evidence…

For Reese Witherspoon, we’re getting a little “kitten with a whip”…and we like it! After all the trouble with the police stop and the DUI and the weeks of her looking very ladylike while going to the supermarket, this is a wonderful departure. BUT, at least you get to see her dress…which is kick ass, I might add.

What I love most about this shot of Penelope Cruz are the freckles!  Who doesn’t love a good freckle? I know I do, BUT at least we get to see her face and it’s not hidden behind a cascading waterfall of hair.  Where’s the waterfall ELLE?

Elle_CotillardOct2013-419x598 This is a great shot of Marion Cotillard looks fantastic, if you are going for that “just got out of spin cycle and boy do I need to shower” look.  Not my cup of tea, BUT at least you see her entire body, even if it’s clothed in a sports bra and bikers shorts…for the cover of ELLE.

Shailene Woodley. Enough said.

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