My Husband’s A Sex Addict?!!! Is That Still Cheating?

Wednesday – Reader Question


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I am not really sure what I am going to do.  I have been married for about 1 year and my husband sat me down and confessed to me he is an official sex addict.  Our sex life has always been normal – in a very good healthy way so this is a  bit of a shock. <!–more–>  Now what that means is about 2 days a week he goes and has sex with meaningless women – many are complete strangers and sometimes more than one in that day (always protected – THANK GOD!!! my first question of course!) He finally confessed and said he has joined a 12 step program.  He said he is willing to do coupled therapy, personal therapy – ANYTHING to fix this in himself.  He said it is a disease he is working on and to please not consider it”cheating”.  He asked (actually begged)  me to stand by him as he gets help and gets “cured”.   Is the fact he told me and is determined to get better worth staying with him as he works it out (like alcoholism) or is this just plain cheating and I need to RUN?

Devastated. Columbus, Ohio

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