My “Husband” Has Been Living Under a False Identity – HELP!

Wednesday – Reader Question of the Week. – Her Husband Is Not Who She Thought He Was.


Basically through a tip and some online research (I am avoiding the details for protecting my identity reasons) I found out my “husband” has been living under a false identity and is a con-artist.  I just found this out 3 days ago (he is out of town for a week so I am trying to figure out what to do).  <!–more–> I have a very well paid job so I have a lot of money.  Which I am pretty sure why he married me now (as I found out all of his previous cons have been conning wealthy people out of money).  I am still in shock and can’t believe in my heart this is true despite having very valid evidence.  Do I confront him and hear his side (benefit of the doubt) or clear my stuff and run to the police to avoid a dangerous situation.  If I do that and the evidence I have is actually false then I have irreparably betrayed him?  Any suggestions?

Scared and Confused, Location Withheld

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  1. If you are already suspicious, there is enormous damage done. You won’t trust him again. Contact an attorney immediately. Your head knows this is the best decision.

  2. I have experienced this! Where there is smoke, there is fire. You want to confront him and hear his side because you love him. Enlist legal consult to protect your assets, first priority, have an exit plan, second priority. He will not tell you the truth! Even if you confront him, you will not get the answers or the response that you need or that you’re looking for and the end all of it is that you will never trust in anything he says or does again. I agree with the prior comment, legal consult to protect you and your assets and then hire an investigator if you insist on having more proof.

  3. I would definitely enlist some legal help immediately, as well as help from a private investigating firm. The investigators can do the leg work to make sure you are correct in your assumptions and your lawyer can tell you great ways to protect yourself. Good luck!

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