My Fiances Family Hates Me!

Wednesday – Reader Question


Hi.  I really can’t figure out why but my fiance’s parents HATE me.  We are getting married in two months and have been dating for two years.  They love his ex-girlfriend who fit into the exact mold they wanted for him.  She was more traditional  <!–more–> – wanted to be a stay at home Mom and my career is very important to me.  I get that they want that type for him, but we are really in love and I am always polite and kind to them.  They even tried to get him back with his ex. They are barely civil to me and I cannot take it.

Just Want To Get Along, Austin, TX

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  1. I know a lady who couldn’t stand her daughter in law at first but when she became very ill, it was her daughter in law who cared for her more than anyone. Now, her daughter in law can do no wrong. It will all work out. In the meantime, be polite and nice but don’t worry about them.

  2. All you can do is continue to be kind and loving to them. You must be the bigger person. Your husband loves YOU and his family will either see that in time or drive him further and further into your arms and away from their own.

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