Miley Cyrus * The Girl You Love to Hate On

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UK Mail caught up with Miley Cyrus to let her vent her frustrations over her new party girl status. Listen…she’s 20, not 42.  She’s supposed to be a hot mess with tattoos, relationship problems and a penchant for the occasional doobie.  I know a lot of ex-Disney kids out here in LA and her reaction is pretty typical for someone who spent their childhood under the watchful eye of Mickey Mouse.

To which I say, Miley, you go girl!  Get it out of your system now so that you don’t end up a rich, miserable divorcee with 2 kids and a shaved head attacking cars with umbrellas.

YOLO bitches.  Live and let live.  Que sera sera or whatever else you can think of and let the girl be, because Miley is working it right now.  W-O-R-K-I-N-G IT.

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