Miessence Organic Beauty Giveaway

Recycled Bride & Ely Organics Giveaway – Win $50 of Miessence® natural beauty products!

For bridal beauty that keeps your outsides pretty and your insides even prettier, all natural skin care and makeup are a must. Looking for beauty products that are free of ugly, toxic ingredients? Then say hello to the fabulous USDA & ACO (that’s Australian Certified Organic) certified organic goodies from Miessence®! <!–more–>

Miessence Natural and Organic Cosmetics

Miessence Natural and Organic Cosmetics


Miessence skin care, beauty, personal care products, and fragrances are so pure you could eat them. They’re 100% natural & synthetic chemical-free, and will make you look like one hot mama! And now one lucky reader of the RB Blog can try these amazing products for free because we’re giving away a $50 Miessence Organics gift certificate.

There are two easy ways to enter the giveaway:

1. If you’re on Twitter, just tweet about the giveaway using the hashtag #Miessence50. If you’re not sure how to do this, see the end of this post for some sample tweets*

2. Check out the Miessence products at ElyOrganics.com and leave a comment at the end of this post telling us which you’d like to try.

A winner will be chosen at random on Thursday, January 14th at 5pm PST.

Miessence all-natural Skin Essentials pack

Miessence all-natural Skin Essentials pack

Now nobody likes a lecture, but let’s you and me have a quick chat about all of the icky stuff that’s in conventional beauty products, and why you should start making the switch over to great natural products like Miessence.

The cosmetics industry is nastified, and it’s extra important for young women who are planning to have families to be careful about applying chemicals on your skin, eyes and lips that can affect your long-term general and reproductive health. The FDA doesn’t regulate personal or body care products who call themselves “natural” and “organic”, so it’s important to read labels and understand what substances to avoid and why. Ingredients like lead, parabens, petrolatum, and sodium laurel sulfate are found in almost all fragrances, soaps, shampoos and makeup on the market today, even though they’ve been proven in many cases to contain cancer-causing neurotixins and cause hormonal irregularities. Learn more at SafeCosmetics.org or Ecostiletto’s Big List of Things That Suck.

So what does it mean when we say that Miessence products are “certified organic”? Since the FDA doesn’t regulate beauty products, Miessence applied for USDA and ACO food-grade organic certification. This means that all of their ingredients comply with the same standards your organic foods do, including no artificial chemicals or pesticides. Organic ingredients also contain more vitamins, nutrients and cancer-fighting antioxidants than their non-organic counterparts.

And as if all that weren’t enough help you make the switch from your old-school department store makeup brands, Miessence products are actually beautiful, long-lasting, and smell delicious! I was lucky enough to sample some Miessence makeup and skin care, thanks to Erin Ely from Ely Organics, who kindly send me a small goody bag! (I love my job!)

My magical Miessence Lip Cremes in Plum and Nutmeg

My magical Miessence Lip Cremes in Plum and Nutmeg

Everything I tried from Miessence was amazing, but the real winner was these lip cremes. Holy guacamole! I don’t know what’s in them (well actually, yes I do, because the ingredients are printed right on the label, and they’re all strictly pronounceable ), but I have never worn such rich, moisture-filled, durable lipstick in my life. In fact, I’d pretty much given up on wearing lipstick at all because I every one I tried would just stick in the cracks of my lips (scary old lady look!), or just wear off five minutes after application.

For me, Miessence lip cremes are nothing short of a makeup miracle. The colors are super dense and vibrant, the creme keeps your lips moist,  and it stays on forever — more like a lip stain than a lipstick. I’m really not joking about how long the color lasts. I put mine on in the morning, and after eating, drinking, smooching and sleeping, my lips were still rosy when I woke up the next day! That’s pretty cool for an all-natural product.

All natural Miessence Mineral Foundation Powder

All natural Miessence Mineral Foundation Powder

The Miessence Mineral Foundation powder is also pretty fab. It’s super versatile: Apply with a brush, and it acts like a very light, oil-absorbing, mattifying layer. Put it on with the small sponge that comes in the container, and it works like a foundation, providing moderate coverage and evening out the skin. I was sad because my “Fair” powder turned out to be just a bit too light for my skin, but passed it on to an alabaster-complected neighbor, who’s over the moon about how it covers her freckles without looking “makeup-cakey”.

So whatcha waiting for??? Just comment below telling us what products look cool to you, or send a tweet with the hashtag #Miessence50 to win $50 of anything your heart desires from Miessence!

*Here’s a sample tweet: “Please enter me to win the Miessence Organics/Recycled Bride giveaway! #Miessence50.” Or if you want to be kind and spread the word (you’ll decrease your chance of winning, but increase your good karma), just tweet something like this: “RT to win a $50 Miessence Organics gift certificate from @RecycledBride! #Miessence50.”
If you want to stay in the loop about Miessence special offers, news, and other great giveaways, just become a fan on Facebook.
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  1. Thank you all for entering!! We picked a winner using random.org last night. Congratulatons to Andrea Maciula Peters, who entered on Twitter! Stay tuned for our next big giveaway, launching in two weeks. xoxo-Tracy

  2. How about some product for my smile — so, I would like to try the Mint Toothpaste. THANKS and Happy New Year.

  3. OK — So I would like to try the Baby Bottom Mist — looks like a great product for my little one.

  4. The cleansing system looks cool, but I think I’d like to try the mineral foundation. Have never found one I liked.

  5. I like the Miessence Organic Garnet Exfoliant , Miessence Organic Plum Lip Creme , and Miessence Organic Sunflower Body Wash

  6. mi esposo jackventures signed me up for this contest! I would love to try facial skin products like make up, or sunscreens. We as a family are always on the lookout for natural and/or organic foods and earth friendly products. Thanks!

  7. I would like to try an organic deodorant, or hair care product. too bad we don’t have scratch and sniff internet, wonder what “tahitian breeze’ smells like…

  8. I want to try the Porcelain Translucent Foundation :o) I’d love to have organic foundation because it touches all your sensitive face skin.

  9. I’d really like to try the gentle exfoliant. My skin seems to react well to exfoliants and I want to know how it would work with an organic one.

  10. I’d like to try the Balancing Mineral Mask (normal/combination skin)! My resolution this year is to take better care of my skin. this would help ALOT!!

  11. I would love to try the soothing cleanser for sensitive skin! I tweeted about the giveaway as well!
    davisesq212 at aol dot com

  12. I would like to try the organic skin care line. I really worry that my current skin care line has too many harsh chemicals for my face. :)

  13. organic mascara?!? and those moisturizers sure look nice….. I think it’s interesting that they say there are no organic regulations for cosmetics in the industry. that sucks, a lot. it makes me look differently at the makeup I use now!

  14. I’d looooove to try their tea tree oil, I just recently gave mine away to a friend and was thinking today about how I need some more :)

    The Citrus perfume looks nice as well, I can’t stand toxic chemical perfumes (they give me a headache) so I’ve had to quit using any and hold my breath when I’m around heavy sprayers, but the Citrus seems like it would be a nice clean fresh scent and with the added benefit of knowing i don’t need to worry about toxic chemies I know I’d be in love :)

  15. Id like to try toe all natural skin essentials pack. I have eczema and its hard to find good all natural products and these sound great. I would love to see how the products are on my skin and my face could use some rejuvination before my wedding.

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