Mexico City Considers 2-Year Marriage Contract

Lawmakers in Mexico City are considering giving newlyweds an easy exit from unhappy unions with temporary marriage licenses. <!–more–>

After legalizing gay marriage, the city assembly is now deciding whether to reform their civil code to make marriage contracts last for a minimum of two years, renewable if the couple chooses. The contracts would include provisions for division of property and childcare in the case of separation.

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With half of Mexico City marriages ending in divorce, usually in the first two years, this bill aims to help couples avoid the hassle of divorce — and presumably to reduce the city’s paperwork expenses.

As a nation, Mexico is quite conservative and heavily influenced by the Catholic Church. Mexico City is the nation’s capital and its most left-leaning city.

What do you think about the proposal? Does it contradict the nature of marriage? Or is it just a practical solution for couples?

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