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Say hello to Monique, Priscilla, and Manolo at prices you won’t believe

In the last week, we’ve had an avalanche of new listings here on Recycled Bride, and some of the deals are so good they’ll make your head spin. So today I’m sharing just a few of the most incredible deals on designer wedding dresses, shoes, accessories and decorations that are new to our pages. Starting with a dress that never fails to drop jaws: The gently used Monique Lhuillier Sunday Rose. <!–more–>

gently used monique lhuillier wedding dress

This lavish Monique is a pre-sale, which means that the seller is looking for a buyer before she even wears it to her own wedding.  We’ve had tons of pre-sales lately, and it’s a great way to buy. When a bride knows that her dress is going to someone else, she’s more apt to take great care of it. It’s priced at a whopping $7,500 — not exactly cheap, but totally a bargain compared to its original $10,500 pricetag. And I’ll make you feel even better about it: This dress is kind of an investment, because it’s all-but-guaranteed that another buyer will take it off your hands after your own wedding. The last Sunday Rose we had listed on RB sold for the same exact price in all of four seconds, before I even got a chance to gush about it on the blog!

gently used priscilla of boston wedding dress

And here’s another crazybeautiful gown. I told you this would be good. The Platinum Priscilla of Boston wedding dress above is a gently used size 8. Be sure to check out the seller’s pic of the incredible brooch detailing! At $2,249, this is a luxury gown that will make you look like a million bucks.


This gently used Ulla-Maija Cendrillon wedding dress, located in St. Louis, MO, is only $1900. And the seller lists the price as negotiable,  a word that automatically sets off mini-sirens in my brain saying “Great deal! Great deal!” I’m in love with the slimming criss-cross waistline (perhaps because it resembles my own wedding dress?) and the soft, romantic pickups in the skirt. This one’s is a winner, and I can’t wait to see what happy bride gets to wear it for such a steal.

gently used manolo blahnik bridal shoes

Make like Carrie Bradshaw and rock these amazing gently used  Manolo Blahnik wedding shoes with special antique shoe clips that the seller added for her wedding. Which kind of makes me want to be her friend. These shoes can be worn with a long formal gown or a short cocktail dress. Their super-elegant, skinny 3-inch heel might be a challenge for some brides when it comes time to dance. But if you’re graceful enough to walk down the aisle in these babies without wobbling, you practically owe it to yourself to get ‘em.

discount casablanca wedding dress

Okay, so try not to faint when I tell you the price of this gorgeous, never-worn, brand new, size 8/10 Casablanca wedding gown. Are you sitting? Good. It’s…three hundred and seventy-five dollars. $375! For a designer wedding dress! A whole one! My grandma used to always say, in her sweet Brooklyn accent, I never heard of such a thing! And that’s exactly what I thought when I saw this listing. This is one of our best bargains, because the style is so figure-flattering that it will work on most any bride, and the price is so gosh-darned unreal.

Don’t stop now! Check out all 1300 of our new and gently used wedding dresses, our awesome selection of discount bridesmaids dresses, and all the decorations, shoes, accessories and more. We’ve got everything you need to make your wedding inexpensive and beautiful!

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  1. This a great… I just passed this post along to my little sis, who is getting married next year. She is looking for a Monique Lhuillier wedding dress. Thanks!

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