Meet Glö! Paperless Wedding Invitations & Stationery

Less paper, less money, more great wedding stationery style from our newest sponsor


Let’s face it, people — the whole wedding invitation process is stuck in the stone age. First you have to buy all those expensive, tree-destroying paper invitations (not to mention save-the-dates, thank-yous, envelopes, and other stationery). Then you blister your pretty little fingers addressing hundreds of envelopes, get paper cuts on your tongue from licking stamps, and clutter up your dining room table with mountains of RSVPs. Is this any way for a modern-minded bride in the digital age to plan a wedding??


We think not! And the smartypants entrepreneurs over at Glö agree. Their brand-new Glö is the elegant solution for online wedding stationery, wedding websites, and easy guest list and RSVP management. They’ve thought of everything you’ll need for paper-free, stress-free wedding planning.


Did you watch the video demos above? Well go ahead and check ‘em out! The coolest part of Glösite is how their animated invitations come complete with an envelope that guests can open their computers with one click. It’s got all the elegance of paper, with none of the mess. You can also use Glösite to create and manage guest lists for multiple events (rehearsal dinner, engagement party, etc), letting only the guests invited to each event view its invitation and details. You can even give guests a space in their RSVP to answer questions about food, drink, or whatever else you need to know to make planning simple.


And once you’ve chosen a style for your stationery, Glösite will throw in a matching personalized wedding website, just like the ones you see above and below. Your guests will be able to click through to your wedding website, conveniently located at, (ex:, right from the bottom of your wedding invitation.


Glö is really easy to use, even if you’re not a tech geek. There are tons of pre-designed templates that you can fill with your own personal info, creating unique wedding stationery that’s as easy as writing an email! And if you’re a digitally crafty mama, you’ll love the tools that let you fully customize everything with your own personalized designs. Check out the adorable chess-themed save-the-date and goldfish invitation that Glösite users created for their own weddings!


And I love the stylish, whimiscal design below, also custom-designed by a Glösite couple, along with its matching wedding website. You can use your wedding colors, a meaningful design or image, or just about anything else you can dream up to make your Glösite wedding communications unique and personalized.


Right now, Glö is offering a special 21-day free trial to new users. Pretty rockin’, right? You’ll get to test all of Glö’s great features and tools, all absolutely free! And once you’ve fallen in love with using Glösite (‘cuz I know you will), you can sign up for an 18-month subscription for anywhere from $75 to $119, depending on your needs and the size of your guest list. How much money does that save you over conventional paper invites? Hmmm…well in the U.S., postage alone for 150 invites and RSVPs costs over $130. Add Save-the-Dates, and it totals over $200. The actual invitations and other stationery can cost anywhere from $300 to over $3,000, depending on paper weight, quality, and style, and hiring a calligrapher or having custom address labels printed can add additional expense. So are you ready to go paperless yet? Thought so.

Visit Glösite to start your free trial now>>

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  1. Paperless indeed! I am surprised to discover how wedding websites are turning into the trend nowadays for partners. This creates a great blend of functionality and an easy means to socialize with your guests and family.

  2. Very cool find! I feel for the postal workers who are cursed with mainly delivering grocery store flyers and bills. Once physical paper invitations go by the wayside, there will be little joy left for these hardworking folks! I do support paperless invitations, though.

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