McDonald’s To Sell Wedding Cakes

Get married at the Golden Arches in Hong Kong

McDonald’s has just announced that they’ll be providing on-site wedding ceremonies with catering at their Hong Kong restaurants. Brides and grooms will choose from luxuries like a baked apple pie wedding cake, dresses made out of party balloons, and happy meal party favors for guests. No alcohol is allowed. <!–more–>

A McDonald's Wedding - Image via

A McDonald’s Wedding – Image via

McDonald’s may actually just be responding to a recent trend in China that’s made marrying at fast food restaurants popular. If the package is offered in the U.S. next…would you consider having a McWedding??

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  1. Would I get married at McDonald’s?

    God NO!

    I wont even eat there, let alone ask my family and friends to celebrate a joyous occasion of our marriage by sharing happy meals!!!

    WTF is wrong with people!

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