Mark Zuckerberg’s Brilliant Dating Advice

Less lipstick. More coding.

Dating advice? From a tech billionaire? Uh-huh. With a brand-new infant daughter, one of the world’s richest men unwittingly killed it on the dating advice circuit yesterday encouraging girls to “be the nerd” from an early age.

Zuckerberg and baby

When Zuckerberg announced his New Year’s resolution to code an artificial intelligence butler, he got a flurry of comments including one from an inspired grandmother who wrote that she regularly encouraged her granddaughters to date nerds. Why? Because they might be the next Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg, who is on paternity leave and has been responding to FB comments quite regularly, gently turned it around. He said that girls should “be” the nerd rather than date ‘em – and become the next successful inventor themselves!

Zuck dating advice

Facebook has a commendable track record of supporting and elevating the role of women in the workplace through family-friendly programs, including egg freezing and offering new parents four months of paid parental leave. They have led the way for other companies – including Netflix, Microsoft, Apple, Spotify and Adobe – to instate family and woman-friendly policies that, aside from being downright European, are also inspiring change in the work landscape of America. But, it’s this cool dating advice that took Zuck to another level in our book. About time those awful “The Rules” girls from the nineties – but still going strong – got a run for their money.

And, the artificial intelligence butler? Well, Zuckerberg has dubbed it the “year of invention”. With that, we suggest you heed his advice and re-invent your dating by taking a coding class.

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