Marissa & Brandon’s Multi-culti Multicolor DIY Fiesta

Buttons, pinwheels, and other whimsical details decorate a sweet wedding playground

Part global culture-fest, part childhood carnival fantasyland, Marissa and Brandon’s color-infused wedding is an exuberant feast for the eyes! Bay Area photographer Rhee Bevere captured every sweet detail, from the DIY button bouquets and origami ceremony decor to the butterflies and ice cream truck that transformed Nestldown retreat into a fairy tale wedding locale. <!–more–>


The bouquets are made entirely from buttons. Below, Marissa’s bridesmaids give her a big kiss to thank her for choosing those totally adorable, wearable dresses. Marissa’s no slouch in the style department — the bridesmaids dresses and men’s suits are all in tasteful neutral shades of gray, which lets all of the rainbow-colored details and accessories shine without clashing. Brilliant!


Marissa’s wedding dress is by Melissa Sweet, and looks like it was designed just for her. What a gorgeous fit! The stunning bride is half Japanese, and her super-handsome groom is half white, half African-American. Keep your eyes peeled for details that honor their own cultures — and others.


Notice all of the different, colorful ties that the groom and groomsmen are sporting. This wedding takes the idea of a color scheme and knocks it on its butt.



The ring pillow is also DIY and made of buttons. Favors were flip-flops embossed with the wedding’s logo.



Wait a minute. Above are two of the best pieces of wedding photography I’ve seen in a while. The pic of Brandon at the altar just sings with color and feeling! And I think we all need to see that image of the kiss a bit bigger…


Ah, that’s better.




All I can think when I look at this couple is that they’re going to have the most gorgeous children ever.





The guestbook was a wall where guests were asked to take a polaroid and leave a note inside for the newlyweds. Escort cards were strung next to the polaroid wall.


With no traditional wedding cake in sight, dessert was made up of sweet homemade treats in big glass jars, and an ice cream truck manned by the bride and groom themselves!


Many thanks to the adorable Marissa and Brandon, and their super talented photogRhee Bevere for sharing these fantastic images.

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  1. What a beautifl couple indeed. Great wedding pix. At least I can see them here. Fantastic button decorations!

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