Lovable Louis

Louis Vuitton is easily one of the most adored brands in fashion, so it makes sense that the label was founded in the city of love. After getting its start in Paris, Louis Vuitton expanded to London and then eventually to the United States, just before 1900. The brand made quite the impression on American shoppers and has been a fashion favorite for decades.


Its classic look and shape makes the Louis Vuitton bag a go-to gift for many women’s graduations, birthdays and anniversaries. Although the label has experimented with styles a bit over the years, they have continually maintained their status as a must-have piece for the modern woman. That’s not to say they haven’t had their random moments (think back to the 2012 Michael Phelps ad campaign), but they’ve managed to prove that they’re here to stay. Ready to get your own LV bag? SHOP THE BRAND on Tradesy!



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