Leslie & Sim’s Multi-Cultural Paradise Wedding(s)

One beautiful couple: Two international wedding celebrations. Welcome to paradise!

Prepare to be amazed by the biggest, baddest Wedding Porn Wednesday* we’ve ever featured. Leslie and Sim’s nuptials are a feast for the eyes, spanning the globe to incorporate an incredible variety of historical and cultural influences and details. <!–more–> First, their modern elegant California affair will make you oooh and aaah over incredible heirloom accessories passed down from Leslie’s great-grandmother and gorgous decor. Then, take a mini-vacay to check out their insanely colorful, four-day long Indian wedding on the lush beaches and rain forests of Bali.

{*What’s Wedding Porn Wednesday?}

Leslie and Sim are such a gorgeous couple, it would be fun to look at photos of them hanging out in their sweats. Instead, we get the privilege of seeing them in a stunning variety of costumes against some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. It was all captured by renowned international wedding photographer Laura Grier of Beautiful Day Photography. Laura expertly photographed every detail, including the gorgeous flowers, the Balinese landscape, and…a surprise celebrity engagement!  That’s right — a famous couple got engaged at Leslie and Sim’s reception, inspiring their secret BWalinese elopement the very next day. And I might just tell you who they are at the very end of this post….


Leslie’s wedding dress was a custom design by Lazaro. Two wedding invitations were sent to each guest — one for the California wedding, and another for the ceremony and celebration in Bali.


Look how sweet Leslie is, wiping away tears as she puts on the 60-year-old Chantilly lace veil that her great-grandmother made for her grandmother’s wedding. Leslie’s own mother also wore the veil at her wedding. What a beautiful family tradition — and a gorgeous veil!



The bridesmaids wore navy blue Melissa Sweet dresses and brightly colored accessories to complement their lush bouquets.



Helloooo, exceptionally gorgeous bride! Lazaro should have paid Leslie to wear their dress. These pics look like they’re straight out of a bridal fashion mag.


That Chantilly lace is 60 years old! I’m swooning over the veil, and yet I’m also deeply concerned about someone stepping on it.


The church ceremony was followed by a reception at the beautiful Santa Luz Country Club.



Sitar players entertained guests at the cocktail hour while the reception tent was being prepared.



Continuing the theme of using heirloom pieces, Leslie and Sim cut their wedding cake with a 200-year-old cake-cutting set that was passed down through Leslie’s family.


This, my friends, is what happens when your wedding photog sneaks into the photo booth! That’s Laura and some of the Beautiful Day Photography team, stepping out from behind the cameras for photo booth hijinks.


Cheers and congrats to Leslie and Sim on their beautiful first wedding. We feel so honored and grateful to be able to share these beautiful images with you. And we’re just getting started!

Here’s a sneak peek of Leslie and Sim’s Indian wedding extravaganza in Bali. Laura and her staff sent me so many incredible photos of the Indian-Balinese wedding that I just couldn’t fit them all into one post. So you’ll have to come back tomorrow to see more details from this amazing, exuberantly colorful, multi-culti four-day event.



Are you wondering how Leslie stays so darned beautiful? Along with the rest of the wedding pics, we’ll be sharing the scoop from her cool vegetarian blog tomorrow.


Oh, and that celebrity engagement? Here’s a clue: She’s a famous actress; he’s an up-and-coming actor. They got engaged at Leslie and Sim’s reception in Bali. Inspired by the natural beauty and nuptial bliss, they then eloped the very next day in a secret ceremony!


The celebs in question are in this group shot. Can you pick them out? Go on, take a guess! Name them in the comments below, and I’ll reveal if you guessed right when I post tomorrow, along with the rest of the pics from Leslie and Sim’s Balinese wedding.

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  1. Amazing pics! And is that Anna Faris in the front row? I can’t remember his name but LOVE him in Parks and Recs. : )

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