Go ahead, it’s Friday! Indulge in this hilarious wedding mockumentary.

We always have fun here at RB headquarters, but yesterday was an especially rollicking good time, because we discovered Road to the Altar, a hysterically funny meta-series that follows fictional couple Rochelle and Simon all over Los Angeles as they plan their wedding and have it all filmed for reality TV. <!–more–>

Simon is Jaleel White — if you remember him as Steve Urkel, you’ll be amazed by what a smooth actor he’s grown into. His fiancee is played by Leyna Juliet Weber, who I’m convinced is going to be a huge star after seeing her chew scenery in these clips. An incompetent TV crew  — including a drunken sound guy — films Simon and Rochelle as they interview wedding vendors, go on an adventure with their quirky bridesmaids, bust their budget, and enjoy a drink tasting with Simon’s alcoholic dad. Warning: There’s some NSFW language in these vids!

Simon and Rochelle Interview Wedding Planners in Episode 1:

Rochelle Does Her Hair and Makeup Trial in Episode 6:

And of course, my personal favorite, Episode 10…”We’ve gone green, bitch!” “Uh…regifting hotel soaps doesn’t make it a green wedding…”

I heartily encourage you to go home, snuggle up in bed with your laptop and your boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancee/hubby/life partner, and have a good giggle over the extra clips, outtakes, and all 10 episodes of Road to the Altar on YouTube. That’s our TGIF plan.

Happy weekend everybody!

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