Las Vegas Marriott Offers Eco-Chic Wedding Package

Marriott Summerlin Introduces Green Weddings

The JW Marriott Summerlin Las Vegas Resort and Spa, as part of the Marrott’s Spirit to Preserve program, has created a new wedding package with eco-conscious brides and grooms in mind. <!–more–>

Green Weddings at the JW Marriott Summerlin in Las Vegas

Green Weddings at the JW Marriott Summerlin

The package is similar to Summerlin’s other weddings, but offers green touches like organic wines and liquors, organic menu options, LED decorative lighting, recycled paper menus and placecards, table linens made from recycled glass or burlap, and bamboo plate chargers. The Summerlin also provides a list of recommended local photographers and florists with green cred.

The Marriott Summerlin, just outside Las Vegas

The Marriott Summerlin, just outside Las Vegas

So just how eco-friendly is a Marriott Eco-Chic Wedding? For now, it’s a very light green affair. But the Marriott gets major points and lots of RecycledBride love for taking steps in the right direction, and for recognizing the needs of brides and grooms who care about the planet. My suggestion for how they could improve their eco-cred? While the organic wines, coffees and cheeses are excellent options, the majority of the menu is meat-heavy and filled with imported food products. The  next step toward fully eco-chic status would be to introduce more local, sustainable, organic and vegetarian options.

And remember, it’s the travel associated with weddings that causes the greatest amount of environmental damage. So unless you’re actually from Las Vegas, getting married there is going to make your big day’s carbon footprint pretty huge. The Carbon Fund lets you calculate the total level of carbon dioxide your wedding will cause to be emitted, then purchase offsets. is a free marketplace where you can buy & sell new, sample or gently used wedding dresses, discounted wedding and engagement rings, recycled wedding gifts, cheap wedding decorations and more. Sign up to buy & sell now.
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  1. Very nice effort for the Marriot. I’m sure once this idea becomes more common and requested they’ll take the necessary steps to get to the next level.

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